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    Plan well when going out with children

    Taking children for outing is inevitable. It is in our hand only to tackle them, avoiding wastage etc. For humbac sake many people bought as the children pleased but suffered later. Whenever we go to hotel I used to tell my brother's daughter,who is though 8 years that by buying one item and share by feeding her. As it become practice ordering one full dosa and wasting half is avoided. We can tackle them by talking this and that as they demand whatever they see. By controlling or beating or making to cry leads to adamant in them. Today I saw in a hotel where I and my brother's daughter ate one single meals but a couple in our opposite ordered full meals for their 6 year old child which totally got wasted.
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    Yes, people including children gradually learn once they start going out for meals frequently. The problem arises when they get opportunity to go out only once in a blue moon.

    I have encountered this problem even with grown ups, not only with children. People should understand that food is not to be wasted in any case. By ordering a separate full dish for each person instead of trying to share, invariably results in wastage of food.

    Perhaps, it will not be out of context to mention here that in USA, restaurants have separate menu for children and in each family restsurant, high chairs with safety belt are made available for children's seating. Often they provide crayons also to colour the drawing printed on the backside of the menu.

    For infants, they provide tables with adequate space on the side to keep infant's strollers.

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    The parents must advise their children to build up a character from the early stage itself. There are many children who are not able to get any food and dies due to inconsistency in the food problems. Children should not waste the food, if they don't need, they must inform their parents not to order a full meal for them. It is advised to order only one meal and share it with the children. Like this children will try to understand and will adjust with expenses of the family. Nowadays eating out is really expensive and children should have a habit of saving money. When they grow up they will understand the value of poverty and will help other people.
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    Yes it is a great task for the parents to control the children, who are bound to behave strangely outside as they are exposed to various items and various activities. It is the for parents to decide before hand as to where to go and keep in mind the behavior of the child at that place. For example if you go for a Ocean park like place, where the games are totally in water and the children are fond of playing in water for hours together. What is the use of taking the children to such place and then taming them not to play or participate in the games. Like wise in Hyderabad Industrial exhibition which is held every year for 45 days during Jan to Feb, the items sold inside are very costly and the same items are sold outside in cheap rates. When we take the children for that exhibition they bound to ask for items which we deny inside but the children wont accept the same items purchased outside the exhibition and hence reject the same.
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    It is really important to plan well when we go out with our children. Once myself and my wife went to a relative's house and my elder son was just 3 years old at that time. He was also with us. The relative's house was nearby and we have gone there. They offered coffee to me and my wife. They asked my wife whether my son also will drink coffee. We were not encouraging him to take coffee. So my wife told that he will not drink anything. My son who was sitting by her side immediately replied saying that he will drink coffee. We both don't know what to answer. They brought coffee and my son drunk the same. We both were very much embarrassed. Afterwards, we explained to our son that drinking so many times coffee is not good and we told him that when we are talking to somebody he should not interfere.
    So we should plan carefully even in talking also when we go out with our children.

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    Children get excited when we travel out and once they enter a restaurant they dream of eating many things or dishes. For them, it becomes a happy moment and with enthusiasm select the dishes. What we do is after they pick their choice, we order one or two items less, allow them to start eating. Once they are halfway, we would know whether they can finish it or will leave it behind. Then we order the rest. For us, shouting at them or saying no spoils their joyous mood. Of course, this has a limit and we don't encourage wasting of food. There are times when we come back with a goody bag from the pizza place with two or three slices so that they can eat it later.
    When we have smaller kids, we need to plan their bottle feeds, infant feeds etc and carry a separate bag so that their food needs are met in time and with ease.

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