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    Once a sniper, always a sniper-Part-IV

    (Continued from Once a sniper, always a sniper-Part-III)

    The group is moving in the exactly similar fashion which he had witnessed in Kashmir. Two forward scouts with AK-47 are guiding the group. These two scouts have crossed Umngot river and are within India. They are watching whether there is any BSF patrolling party in the vicinity. After them, six men with loads in their shoulder are now crossing the river in single file. Behind them, two donkeys are moving side by side. These two donkeys are carrying loads of heavy weapons. Behind these two donkeys, two men are moving as rear guards. No BSF patrolling party is there in the Indian side. In Bangladesh side, there is no sign of Bangladesh Rifles (BDR-Bangladesh border guards).

    He has already planned his next course of action meticulously. He will have to optimally use his five precious bullets So, he can't follow the Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) which he learnt in the training school. Normally in such cases, the commandos of RR target the scouts, who are generally the best among the terrorists. But with only five bullets, his first priority is to destroy the weapons. His own safety has no priority now.

    The 'Hunter' is now finally ready with his rifle and bullets. He takes a deep breath, softly pronounces RR motto ''Dridhta aur Veerta'' and positions his sniper rifle. He adjusts his rifle scope and fires. By the Grace of Almighty, his bullet finds the target.

    There is a mild 'plop'. The head of one of the donkeys bursts like a watermelon. It falls down and immediately drowns under the heavy weight. The other donkey which is tied to it also falls down in the river. It is almost drowned. The first part of the Hunter's plan is successful. These weapons won't reach India now.

    Two terrorists who were earlier manning the rear immediately go back to the Bangladesh side and flee. The Hunter smiles silently. But, the other part of his plan is not yet successful. The terrorists are so astonished that nobody fires a gun. The place of action is silent. He is not in a position to inform the BSF post at Dawki.

    He lifts his rifle, takes careful aim and shoots. This time the bullet hits a terrorist in the middle of the party. The bullet hits the shoulder of the terrorist. The injured terrorist falls down. And now his plan succeeds. Immediately, the terrorists start firing indiscriminately. The firing is in general direction. His cover is good. So, this firing won't harm him, but the sound would definitely be heard at Dawki post.

    But the scouts at the front are very well-trained. They haven't fired a single shot. They are already on the Indian side. They start climbing the hillock rapidly. He senses danger.

    (......To be concluded in the next part: Once a sniper, always a sniper-Part-V)
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    An excellent strategy by the single soldier and he is able to destroy the ammunition without reaching India with his available resources and he injured one terrorist also. Still, he was left with 2 bullets and now he turned his thoughts towards the scouts who were leading the group. What is he going to do with these two bullets, is the question coming to my mind now and I wait for the next round by the author.
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    Dr. Rao: Now three bullets are left. He started with five bullets and have spent two so far.
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    This part gives me glimpses into the minds of the snipers and BSF personnel when they track intruders and decide what is best in that challenging environment.

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