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    What had been the most memorable feast you ever attended?

    As a part of the society, we are required to attend feasts on various occasions some of which become unforgettable. I remember one such wedding dinner attended by me with family at Agra long back. The occasion was the dinner after wedding procession of son of one famous advocate of Agra who was in my social circle. It is said that generally advocates have a very large social circle and they go on inviting all and sundry including all of their clients.

    To keep it short, twice the number of expected guests poured in and the food got finished by 11.00 PM though few hundred guests were still hungry. Believe me I saw children crying in that party due to hunger and suited booted gentlemen wearing ties almost snatching rotis from each other's hand. I saw one couple took milk in an earthen pot from the milk stall and started dipping rotis in the same to feed their crying children.

    We left the party without eating. Reached home at about 12.00 hrs., and ate milk and bread before sleeping.

    What had been the most memorable feast you ever attended?
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    We will be attending many feasts on the occasion some marriage or other function. These days buffet meals are the very commonly used way of serving the food for the guests. In olden days people use to sit in rows and suppliers will be supplying food as per the order of that area. Now those systems are not there.
    We have arranged a very good feast on the occasion of the marriage of my brother's daughter in Hyderabad in a very famous function hall. My brother is a chief manager in SBI and he is an association office bearer. So he knows many people and he invited more than 1000 families. he estimated minimum 1500 people will attend the feast. So we discussed and I told him to let us inform the caterer only 1200 people and ask him to be ready to cook food for another 300 people on a short notice. There are many marriages on that day. So the people got distributed and only around 900 people only attended. The caterer is a very clever man. So he made for 1000 even though we told 1200. Even then a lot of food is available but nobody to eat. We have phoned up to an orphanage home and asked them whether they want the food and they happily agreed and taken away the food. We were able to avoid waste as of food. But the catering person has charged money for 1200 people saying that he has organised everything for 1200. It is a feast I will never forget as we were able to feed some orphan children on the occasion of a marriage in our house even though it was unplanned.

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    We attend regular marriage feasts and other party gathering activities. Usually, we can see that a large number of people will come to wedding hall to have some food because they are hungry and needs to feed their children. In my Brother's wedding, we saw a large number of people coming which we have not invited. We gave food to all the people who came there and almost the food was expected to finish, but we made some reserves so that food was not finished.
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    Many college students enjoy wedding feasts in the neighbourhood of their hostels. Needless to mention here that they attend such parties uninvited only.
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    I attended a wedding party for the daughter of S.D.M of the nearby area. I remember the SDM give us (I attended that party with my friends) so respect which I can not forget. I got the chance to meet three collectors of the nearby district and some political leaders. The wedding party was so nicely arranged that both Indian culture (Pangat) and Buffee (western culture) are available there. You can join anyone as per your choice.
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