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    Can print and electronic media influence voters in today's scenario?

    Do you think that the importance of television news channels have come down these days? Do you think in today's date people are more interested to search news on Youtube? Why do you think this change has come. Please discuss.

    Nowadays, social media is as much influential as print and electronic media. Print and electronic media is one-way communication media which we can only listen to it but we can't give our opinion. But in social media, we can give our opinion in the form of comments. If I take the case of Andhra Pradesh, almost all the newspapers and television channels are giving biased programs supporting the ruling party or the opposition party. But if the same biased programs are aired on Youtube, majority of users' comments give a different opinion, supporting a third party. So, in today's social media scenario, can print and electronic media influence the voters?
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    I agree that print and electronic media is one way but it has influence in people's thought process. Social media though people give comments, we may not say that it is really people's opinion and again every party is keeping a technical wing and social media wing and there are people who always on the you-tube and other on-line news portal to give comments from a party concerned and mostly it is from other parties and not ruling/opposition party, as they are busy with real time work in the field whether it is good activity or not.

    I have seen in one of the on-line portal where I used to give my comments earlier stopped because of the above members always on the comments and that has become another forum section by counter attacking each other and name calling activity too.

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    The voters across the country have become more matured and they are kept informed about latest developments within seconds on their palm. In this regard they cannot be fooled not taken for ride by any print or electronic media. If at all media are playing to the galleries of ruling or opposition parties, they are doing so for having received some favor to which people wont fall prey. But they do watch such programs and not the happenings there in it and report their views and comments in social media. And the double talk and the actions of every political party and their behavior was well remembered by the voters of AP and they are surely going to behave in their own way. And one more thing ,gone are the days when the voters can be influenced by money and drink offer, now the voters have their own conscience to think and vote.
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    The print media and electronic media are coexisting with the social media. Even the electronic media which is existing since few decades has not been able to totally replace print media. Despite the fact that the printed newspapers come only once in 24 hours though the television channels keep on churning the stories round the clock, the people loyal to the print media are still subscribing to the same.

    The same applies in the case of social media also. It is not that the social media is totally unbiased. It is also influenced by the media cells operated by various political outfits. It is true that the social media is not yet owned by Indian politicians but I will be least surprised if one day a new kind of social media is launched by one of the major political party of India.

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    The print media and electronic media have lost their credibility as each one of them is supporting or getting affiliated with one political party. In fact, many of the political parties have their own channels and newspapers. So no news will be taken as 100% correct by the viewer or the reader. So I think they will not have any influence on the voter regarding their vote power exercise.
    Coming to Social media, it is true that the readers can also participate and can exchange their views. There is no second thought about it. But here also the people who are raising their posts or giving the comments are also having an affiliation to one political party and they will definitely go with that party only. Again the majority of voters who are living in villages will not go through these social media and they may not even know this. So I don't think this media also will have any impact on the majority of voters.

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    Yes, it can influence the people through the social and electronic media. The TV channels are giving polls and other discussion related to winning or making debatable topics with the political persons. In every regional channel or in the national channels, we can see that they are discussing the hot topics and even the editor is not allowing the guest to talk on the concerned topic. Before the person speaks, the editor interprets and misread the communication made by the person. Even the political party members need some time to respond to allegations made by the channel editor. In every state, the regional channels are increasing and many of them are making programs to get ratings for the program. This will not help the people who are anxious in getting the elected government in power.
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    The Congress party has a unit of social media and digital communication, headed by Ms. Divya Spandana and the popular BJP counterpart is Mr.Amit Malviya. The very fact that these two have significantly influenced the party's perception among the electorate implies that social media has emerged as a powerful tool in the runup to elections.

    There would still be people without access or who are not active in social media, for such people print and electronic media becomes a major source of information to form an opinion about the leaders and parties.
    If you have seen any newspaper in Karnataka, not a day has gone by in the last few weeks without a half or a full-page advertisement about achievements by the both BJP and Congress. If you consider the newspapers, TV channels, websites of media houses, yes, these can still influence the voters.

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