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    What is life? How should one live it?

    Life is something which comes without asking for it. But it doesn't mean that it is free of cost or cheap. One has to pay the price of living in his/her lifetime.

    Human life appears to be the greatest challenge ever posed to the mankind. One has to live it throughout the lifetime, happily or otherwise. However, it is said that the life has to be lived happily only as this is only one time opportunity.

    It is an eternal question posed to the human beings. Have you ever found time to ponder over such issues?

    What is life? How should one live it?
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    Life is the most valuable gift we have got and that must be lived with potentially and productively. We should not run around the money, the money should come behind us. We should not be greedy over others progress, instead strive to keep our position and earning potential constant and going. And be satisfied with what you have. If you ponder over others, they comes the discontent within yourself and you start exploring ways and means to earn through short cut methods. And remember this life is for once and we should safeguard our position and prestige in the society and not to bother our life with unnecessary thoughts on others comments.
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    What is life and how one has to live in it is a question which has since long baffled and intrigued the great thinkers and philosophers alike.

    Scientifically speaking we are the outcome of a biochemical process and there is no religious or mythological link to our being here. A human being or an animal who takes birth on this planet find himself on it without ay apparent reason and if the theory of origin of the species is to be believed, it is only the survival and reproduction of a species that is the reason of our life.

    Interestingly, as humans have a logical and analytical mind, they are thinking beyond the horizon and postulating many theories of our creation and other associated things. We also differentiate between sorrow and pleasure, happiness and sadness, good and bad etc., and believe that whatever the length of life we have been provided as an biochemical entity is to be passed in happiness rather sorrow. So our endeavor in life is focused like that.

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    A life is neither a bed of roses, nor a bed of thorns. Life has its own course. Ups and downs, laughter, merriment sadness, loneliness, and tragedies are some aspects of our life.
    It is up-to you how you take in a situation, facing challenges, and , come what may....... Be happy .. is a positive way to lead a happy life.
    On the other hand, cribbing for silly things, being sad for trivial things, frustration etc are the negative ways of leading a life not healthy for the mind and body
    Therefore to live a life to the fullest happiness and positivity are two ways to lead a good life. Happiness will keep your body ,mind and soul energetic and young too.
    Enjoy every moment of life as it a short and the bubble of life could burst any day, any time.

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    A life is like a journey. Of course, these days journeys are planned but our life we are not planning before we born. In a train journey, we may be getting in some station. By that time there will be many people in the compartment and we don't know many of them. After sitting for some time we start talking and discussing with them and we will try to know each other. Meanwhile, some people may get down as their destination arrived. We will also get down when our station comes leaving behind the other people. We may not meet those people again in our life. Even we meet also we may not be able to recognise them.
    Life is also same as this. we don't where from we have come and we travel and we leave all behind. So life is a gift of God and we should live it with happiness and we should be as good as possible with the surroundings.

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    Take your own pick.

    The time we got to have our last breath, we only having in mind which wanted to do & not what others wanted us to do. So make a to do list & go ahead with your effort. Although it's not possible to achieve everything we opted for but just give a try.

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    Even writing books on Life and how to live it would do injustice to this thread. We can at least attempt to concise a chapter's worth here. Life means many things at various levels to a human being wherein a complex interaction between human desires, resources and the means to achieve his or her aims and goals in life will dictate how one should live it.

    Initially we dream of a life filled with success, a good job, a good career, a stable family etc but it's just part of life. As we mature, we realize that a life led by one's means, enriched by good virtues and being able to lend a helping hand to the needy is far more important than materialistic achievements. I would also add that a healthy mind and soul will help us lead our lives more meaningfully.

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    When it comes to Life, we need to take decisions on immediate effects. Life is becoming more complex, as we do the things in a different manner. One has to examine and think about the life and must take actions accordingly. Life is of different choices and when a person fails to understand his deeds, it leads to a more complicated way of living. We all have a different kind of problems in life and one has to understand what it leads to failure in life. Then we will understand that all the root cause of problems starts from our own families.
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    Life is a beautiful gift from God and we should live it happily and lovingly. The way we live it depends on us and our parents, as we are learning everything from them.
    But yes, we should not get worried so easily and feel fed up with life. We should understand that we are here with a purpose, to serve our family, our country and to fulfill our individual needs. We are here to create a name for ourselves. Also, one more thing to note is there is no comparison between each one of us, so never point fingers at anyone. Everybody is meant to be happy and we are here to help each other.

    Do what inspires you !!

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