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    Any health effect by unseasonal rain.

    Changing climate and atmosphere is now leading to many disaster.In my district this year it rained in March, which not a season to rain climatically.After rain there is rise in temperature and hot humidity.Is there any adverse effects on health by such changes in atmosphere.The atmosphere is suffocating to the people and land burning hot to go out of house in afternoon.
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    Normally when rain occurs during the peak summer season unknown diseases and skin problems do arise immediately. Coupled with cold and cough , people are caught unaware as the rains would suddenly appear and vanish within no time. Only yesterday morning from 4 am to 6 am there was heavy rain in Hyderabad and we were disturbed with Sunday morning sleep as the power was off. Due to sudden change of climate within hours, our body would not be ready to accept the climatic change and hence vulnerable to diseases. One should not venture out during such type of sudden climatic change. Especially children must be controlled and not to play in the rain as they are fond of to have some fun with the rain water. That is very dangerous as during summer there are every chance of rain accompanying with hail storm ie small pieces of ices would be falling on the ground and that may hit hard the head.
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    It is not good to have high temperature and rain simultaneously. Our body will undergo severe shocks and may not be able to absorb these shocks and will result in some or other health problems. The rain is untimely. The may spread some diseases to the people. So we should be careful. It is advisable not to go out during rains and during high temperatures also. Try to be in-house. The individuals who have sinus problem will face a severe problem because of untimely rains even though summer is good for them. The viral fever may also spread these days and some skin problems may also come.
    The rain with ice cubes is not at all good for mango crop and the trees will shed the flowers and tender fruits and the yield will also come down. No way these rains will help except some coolness and some drinking water problem may come down.

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    Nonseasonal rains in hot and humid conditions makes things worse. We have had a few showers after which the temperature becomes even worse. If it rains for a few days at a stretch, then the weather becomes a little cooler. I'm already seeing puddles of dirty water stagnant in the even footpath and near the compound wall. This will become a breeding ground for mosquitoes. People with chronic respiratory illness, will also suffer due to the swinging temperatures with worsening of the cough and. Usually we would see a pattern of Dengue fever menace raising during the rainy seasons, in Bangalore, dengue would peak by June - October. Now with the nonseasonal rains, this would also start earlier than usual. The other viral flu like illnesses also will raise. Vegetable crops like cauliflower, brinjal etc also would get affected with these rains in summer.

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    Anything not in process to its routine occurrences will lead to the unsuited impact in your life. May this be related to your health or may even lead to the prices & the availability of commodities around you.

    This may largely be effecting the agriculture which will directly impacting the revenue size of the big & small farmers. If the availability of commodity remains uncertain will effect the commodity price. The most devastating would be the calamity which will allow the occurrences of various diseases which & if goes uncontrolled then this may even lead to the epidemic.

    There is no specific measurement of what will happen but for sure would be unpleasant & we would be left with disastrous consequences.

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    Especially this is not a rainy season if rain is happening it is due to some changes in the atmosphere. During this time, the climate is too hot which makes it difficult to get out from the home. From Morning 11.00AM to evening 3.30PM is not advised to go because of humid climate conditions. The sun is burning too much and the temperature has increased by 2 or 3 degrees. At night it is difficult to sleep due to the increase in temperature.
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