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    How Rama himself would have settled the Ram Mandir dispute at Ayodhya?

    I am tempted to raise this thread inspired by a thread on 'Ram Rajya' presently active in the forum section. The idea is to discuss, as to what may be an ideal solution to the Ayodhya dispute presently under consideration at the Supreme Court of India.

    The apex court has said that it will deal the case purely as a land dispute case. Thus it appears that the historical and religious twists given to the issue by various groups in the past are not of that much significance in the eyes of the Supreme Court.

    How Rama himself would have settled the Ram Mandir dispute at Ayodhya?
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    The issue is under the purview of the Apex Court.Lord Rama being a good ruler would wait for the Supreme Court judgment.
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    If Rama is alive, he might not have allowed the construction of a temple for him. Because all these temples for various GODs were constructed only after their demise only. So if Rama is around there is no question of Rama temple not only here but anywhere. So the question of the dispute itself will not be there.
    As a ruler of the country as far as my knowledge goes no ruler allowed his temple and I have not read anywhere in the history of it. As expressed in #632711, as a ruler with certain rules and regulations Rama will never interfere with the matters which are in the court. He will say that the law will take its own course.

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    If Lord Rama would remain present in the earth today, then the question would not arise. This is simply because nobody would dare to demolish a temple in his kingdom.
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    #632712 - Though not exactly temple but Mayawati had installed her many statues during her regime as the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh.

    #632716 - I agree that in Ram Rajya, there would not have been any incidence of destruction of temples or vandalisation of statues.

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    There is a famous saying,

    "As you sow so shall you reap".

    In addition I would add here that the Hindus have so far been the most neglected religion in India. The biggest truth lies in the segments in which we want us to be remain divided or in another words we have kept ourselves divided or separated from our own brotherhood. So till the time this continues don't expect something good coming up working for you.

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    With due respect to the author, this thread would have some heartfelt responses that would get it deviated or have inflammatory remarks. At ISC, we should refrain from such hypothetical but sensitive topics ( just my view)

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    This topic will lead to more extreme views of Hinduism. We cannot have such judgments on a particular cast or religion. The supreme court will take an action which is suitable for the Ayodhya Temple. Narendra Modi itself brings more extreme Hindu views to tame it as a BJP technic. The people should understand that the political parties will always help to flame up the Anti-violence problems and will create a distraction for the public. This is happening in the case of Ayodhya. No one is determined to solve this case in a peaceful manner.
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    Lord Rama would say - Hi all, I am the incarnation of Lord Vishnu who controls the entire universe. I created all the religions for fun and joy. Please don't fight. Let the Ram Mandir be there and also the Masjid. Please reconstruct the demolished Babar Masjid. Live in peace and harmony without any hatredness or religious feeling. I bless you all.
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    #632767 - I believe that the ISCians are mature enough. Moreover, the editors are continually monitoring the responses. So far no member has posted anything objectionable or inflammatory. The thread is basically about best possible governance i.e. Ram Rajya.
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