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    What are the five most significant changes which took place in India during last 20 years?

    We often discuss and deliberate about development and progress made by us, the Indians. Let us try to find out as to what are the five most significant changes which took place in India during the last 20 years. I am keeping the period as 20 years so that maximum number of participants who have actually witnessed also the changes, can respond.

    One major development which took place in India during the last 20 years is the arrival of internet. How it impacted the overall scenario?

    What other changes took place during the same period in the fields of education, healthcare, science and technology etc. ?
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    In the last 20 years, the communication system in our country has developed very fast. The mobile phone system has gone to each and every nook and corner of the country. I used to book a call to speak to my father who stays in a village from my place of stay. Once the call is booked we were waiting for hours together to get connected and even after connection also the voice is not very clear. But now there is no problem at all.
    The air travel by private travel providers increased and the travellers improved very fast. These days if we see airports they are no different from a railway platform.
    The IT industry has developed tremendously in India and many Other category candidates are able to get employment in those companies.
    The financial disparity between poor and rich has also increased. The rich are becoming richer and poor are remaining as poor only.
    The old age homes in our country are increasing very fast within the last 20 years. The number of old people joining in these homes is very high these days.

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    In the last 20 years, Information Technology field witnessed the wide variety of changes. One change is the arrival of mobile phones and it's operating system. Each of the mobiles now has a different operating system like Android, Blackberry, iPhone OS. Then we can see that we had an Economic change in 1990 where the entire system of economy witnessed a destruction. It was by Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, who made changes to the society. The availability of films through the digital media was the change made in the film industry. Most of the theatres have digital projections where they can play and download the movies easily. Many Machines and simple tools were build up in the Agricultural sector which saw more improvements in the technology. With the help of tools, the farmers were able to do the work very easily. The change in Advertising field also saw many changes. The innovations in flex printing and logo designing helped the people in the advertising field.
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    1. The Demonetization.
    2. The GST Implementation.
    3. India Breaks Record for Launching Most Satellites From Single Rocket which is total number of 104 satellites.
    4. The surgical strike too was a bold step which made us feel pride.
    5. The bullet train project that received the loan for so much time with lesser interest rate that would absolutely have no impact or burden in either way.

    That the first time that the world has recognized India as a growing regional as well as world power. That once the China had to withdrew its army when finally the Indian army came in face to face with each other deploying the most lethal weapon to its border.

    The list is lo ng but I appreciate the Modi government for anything that & if had been taken earlier then we aould have evident of a different India.

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    What about developments like promulgation of Right to Information Act (RTI), Golden quadrilateral and other new highways, ending polio, mission to moon, mars mission etc.
    Do you rate these milestones as significant achievement during last 20 years?

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    There are many areas where our country has progressed much and development is visible. The main area is penetration of mobile and internet. Other areas are space science, highways, drinking water, cleanliness drives, education, medical etc.

    Many other areas are there where much has not been achieved but they are on the agenda of the Govt. Those are more of political nature and related to the aspirations of various communities and regions of our country.

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    Overall, I can see India better positioned in the global hierarchy, earlier, the superpowers and developed nations were looking down upon us and we had to listen to world leaders, now the world leaders are in a dialogue with India. This change in status to an emerging power not to be ignored is something that I feel is unique in the last 20 years.
    The other aspect in the setting up of MNCs in IT sector, consumer goods and the food industry that has grown rapidly in the last few years. In terms of education, there has been an explosion in the number of private institutions right from the beginning years to the post-graduate level, this has enabled the Indian diaspora to find better opportunities overseas.
    The same with healthcare, the corporate sector is now at a stage where in almost everything is available in India if one can afford it. In the field of science and technology - ISRO has been notching one success after another in launching space satellites and planning space exploration.

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    In last twenty years we have been introduced to Star tv network and the house holds are very happy with cable tv and then dish tv and now direct to home tv. For Hyderabadis, our Tank bund has become the tourist spot, thanks to Necklace Road and other entertainments around it. In the recent past the Metro rail was the greatest leap of development, demonetization through which we are now forced to digital transaction, and in space we have been reigning as super power as we have been successful in every space mission. And in sports too we made lots of progress.
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