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    Does 24/7 consciousness about our health help us in keeping it fit?

    It is said that health is wealth and if health is lost everything is lost. If health is such an important thing then it becomes our prime concern to keep it in good shape.

    Many people go to gym regularly, they walk regularly and they even take food in a balanced as well as controlled manner. These people are fitness freak and most of the time preoccupied about the concern for their health. On the contrary there are many people who do not bother for exercises and have an indiscipline and careless attitude towards these aspects.

    What is your opinion on this? Does 24/7 consciousness about our health help us in keeping it fit?
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    If you are going through disciplined diet with exercises, definitely you will not have problems there. When you work for more than 10 hours a day, your body will get some problems which you need to do when reaching home. Eat food which is less in calorie, so it does not make you fat. If you gain more weight, your health will be in the difficult situation where you need to do exercises regularly to reduce the fat content in the body. Make a habit of doing exercise every day, so that it will make your body warm and will free from diseases. A person who does exercises regularly will have a lifelong life and career.
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    It's only to follow the tip - 'Prevention is better than cure'. Nothing is in our hands, finally, it is the destiny which decides our fate. I have seen many cases who were diet conscious and health conscious succumbed to major health ailments. We need not worry more about health as long as we maintain a striking balance between our habits and health plan.

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    Health is wealth. We should always prefer to maintain good health.Every person in his life should give importance to health. one should inculcate good habits to maintain good health. The first and foremost point is to eat healthily and keep healthy. By doing this we can expect to have a good health. The second point is to keep the body fit. One should keep fit by doing sufficient physical exercise like walking and yoga etc. By following these two points many people will keep their health in a good position. Once we have good habits and good physical exercise we need not worry much about our health.
    But without following the required precautions always thinking of health is of no use. It is better to cure small problems by talking necessary changes in our food habits rather than go on having unnecessary medication for small problems.

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    It's not 24*7 consciousness but the routine that we are charged with. Even if we follow the 24*7 consciousness but don't follow the routine or the path then this matters nothing. Just follow a proper path along with avoiding bad habits & you need not to bother about anything else.

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    It depends on the individual, their lifestyle, and profession. Being conscious about health 24/7 and 365 days a year will end up with an obsession and constant worry that is this correct? is my heart going to give up? are my arteries going to get blocked if I eat a slice of cake at my child's birthday etc?

    Instead, we need to be aware of the needs of our body, the presence or absence of chronic diseases (diabetes, BP, cholesterol etc) and then have a planned healthy diet and physical activity mental plan. We need to adhere it with occasional deviations so as to enjoy life in moderation. By deviations, I don't mean go on gorging food, an alcohol binge etc but just keeping things to an acceptable level.

    Added to this would be the thought process to have a calm mind an have a control on our anger/temper and stress levels. When we follow this, we would be healthy and need not be health conscious 24/7, week after week because, its soon going to give up or lose it's relevance.

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    Being conscience about health issues cannot be said to be a bad practice. However, one should not be concerned about the same to the extent of being obsessed.

    Inculcating a habit of going to bed by 10 PM and rising not later than 5 AM, makes keeping fit easy as it makes possible to go for morning walk and/or doing yoga/meditation etc. Rising late and then going to an expensive gym is not likely to yield that much result.

    Main issue is controlling taste bud. The health food and taste are diagonally opposite to each other. First eating tasty food to the fill and subsequently indulging in mockery of physical exercise is not likely to do any good.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    We must be health-conscious, especially when we cross fifty. There is nothing wrong with it. But to think and talk about health 24x7 will make a person paranoid and such paranoid person does more harm than good by the paranoia about health. I have seen such people. Their behaviour is finicky and people find their behaviour either boring or funny. They always overdo exercises or morning-walk and create more problem for themselves as well as for their near & dear ones.
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    Yes being aware of health setbacks at the initial stages and getting into treatment process for long term would certainly benefit a individual. Some diseases are prolong and they wont leave the body and needs constant and regular medication. So checking the whole body for any disease and then taking precautions is the best way to get awareness of hidden diseases inside the body. On 8th there was heavy rush in various hospitals across the Hyderabad as every hospital offered master check up at reasonable rates so that one can know the entire body functioning as per the required medical norms or falling short of it. But I bet if we do such kind of checks one or the two hidden diseases would come into limelight and we get worried and that worry takes away the rest of the life thinking about that. Live in present condition without smoking and drinking, having homely food regularly and sleep for 8 hours daily. You will be perfectly alright.
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