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    Gravity and real life

    From the concept of gravity in physics, we know that less effort is required when we do some work with gravity like dropping a load and comparatively more effort is required if work is done against gravity like lifting a heavy load. Anything done with gravity requires less effort than anything done against gravity.

    The same thing applies in real life as well I feel. We require doing so many activities in our daily life some of which we like and some of them we do not. But life is a compromise so we do not have the luxury to do only the things we like and ignore the rest. We even need to do the things in life which are sometimes against our wishes and interest as part of our responsibilities.

    But you must have observed just like the law of gravity in physics things we like to do are done quite easily and quickly and require less effort from our side compared to the things we do not like that much to do. When we do things which are of less interest to us we tend to spend more time and effort on it.

    Our liking for the particular activities and our interests are like a force of gravity prevailing within us. If we go against this force, then we tend to spend time and effort in doing things but if we go along with it task seems to be effortless.
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    True. The things which we want to do with our interest and liking will be done very easily and fast. But the things which we do under compulsion or without interest will be done late and try to get it postponed as much as possible.
    A student who is having interest in chemistry will finish of chemistry first and then only he will try to complete the other subjects. That is why we should give the liberty to the children to select the subject of their interest for higher studies. We can advise but we should not insist. This is a fact which is to be followed by all parents.
    When the dish made by our wife for the lunch is a favourite dish of your's you will go fast to the lunch and eat well. Otherwise, you will try to postpone and don't take much interest in that dish and try to take other dishes more. If we like the hero of the movie we will try to see the movie on the first day itself whereas the hero is not your favourite hero you may not so that much interest on the first day itself.

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    I choose to go with the author here.

    It's a usual practice that even in the interviews the company goes with the candidate having the same profile but the candidate is interested too. In our life we don't have much choice but instead we would like to prioritize the same but still we required to go for it. But the goal becomes very much evident when this matters to us & we no longer concern for it as how longer we need to run.

    This also could be the part of behavior management.

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    It is true that if we need to do a particular thing we will finish it in within minutes or hours. If we don't like a particular matter, we tend to slow down and most of them do not complete and move in the middle. Gravitational force and our force will work in a different manner and we cannot expect one thing to happen in our lives in a successful manner. We need to change ourselves and must work hard to succeed in life.
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    It is a good observation. It all depends on likes of our life. If we tend to get it, we would work for over time and have it. If we do not like a work or project, we tend to overlook the performance and may even delay in completing it. In human being too the gravity force varies from morning till evening. In the morning we are fresh enough to accept any challenge and even want to go further in every task, as the time goes by and the job tends to get delayed , we gather a type of boring towards the task and thus our delaying tactic sets in and ultimately we loose the the interest in completing the job.
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    There is one main difference, in real life, doing things we like is often more difficult than doing things we don't like. For instance, even if we are honest, telling the truth, fighting corruption would be more difficult than going with the rest of the system.

    Interesting way to link gravity and real life. Going with the flow, doing things which we like or which we think is correct is easy because our minds and heart and in agreement and on completion of the task we feel happy and contended.

    But doing a task against our wishes hurts us and often trouble our conscience. For instance scolding our children, within our hearts, we don't want to but to correct the child, we need to use some harsh words. Similarly, in our professions, we do things against our ethics and teachings, at such times our minds would be in a turmoil.

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    Nice observation. Gravity also means seriousness. So if we do something with gravity or understanding the gravity only then can we succeed. But if we do something against gravity or without it, a lot of energy and resources are required to do even a minial work.
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    Nice thought. What interests us, we do it with full focus and that gravity acts along with us. So, we are continuously working on it, until that task does not get finished. The gravity as defined by the author is actually the dedication to a particular task or work. That automatically creates the energy inside you if you are truly willing to do it.
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    To be frank, gravity is not a good comparison for eagerness and enthusiasm to work for something of one's choice and preference. It is obvious that people will work with greater passion on getting a chance to follow their dream choices. Because of such reasons only, it is said that the children should be allowed to choose stream of their choice in studies etc. and parents should not force their own choices on them to become a engineer or a doctor.

    Perhaps the pull of gravity is more comparable with the attraction of one individual toward the other.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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