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    A train travelled without an engine.

    It is very astonishing to see the news in the newspaper regarding a train travelling without an engine. But it happened. A train travelled for 30 minutes and a distance of 10 KMs near Odisha in East Coast Railway. When the train is stopped and the engine is separated the driver has to use skid brakes to see that the train will not move. But in Titlaghad station when a train was stopped and they disconnected the engine. Probably the driver has not properly operated the skid breaks the train started travelling and the passengers on the train under tremendous tension. Finally, by keeping stones in the path in the next station they could stop the train. Fortunately, there are no human losses. Is it speaks about the efficiency or carelessness of the concerned?
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    There is a mistake, definitely. Intentionally the driver would not have done it. It must be due to his carelessness. Of course we do not know whether he was so much tired after hours of work. It needs an investigation before any action is taken. However, nothing serious had happened. Lucky.

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    This train had nearly 1000 odd passengers and with God's grace none of the Ahmadabad to Puri express were not seriously injured during the ' engine-less train'. The railway authorities in a swift response has suspended seven people related to the lapse in applying the skid breaks. This event highlights the importance of SOP or protocols in such scenarios. We will know in a few day's time whether this is just a one off human failure or there are loopholes in the engine change process.

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    This is purely a mistake from the concerned employees working as co-pilots or train drivers. How come they disconnect the engine? This incident has proved that the railway authorities are not able to manage their employees. The concerned people have been suspended, but such incidents can turn violent if the passenger's in the train has died or injured. If that was the case definitely the employees will understand the violence from the side of the people. The Railway Minister must probe into an action and must study what caused them to do such activities? Do they have any plan to interrupt the functioning of railways?. The concerned employees who have been suspended will need to answer such questions in the media.
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    The train driver S Venkat Rao, assistant train driver Sushant Singh and five other employees have been suspended by the East Coast Railway and inquiry has been ordered. The incidence looks like a clear case of negligence. The Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) were not followed by the concerned railway officials resulting in the unfortunate incidence. Luckily nobody got injured.

    The Ahmedabad-Puri passenger had halted at Titlagarh station and the engine was detached to be attached on the other end for onward journey to Puri. As per standard procedure, skid brakes had not been put by the negligent railway staff and due to slight slope in the railway tracks, the 22 coaches of the train started travelling without engine and could be stopped at Kesinga railway station after travelling about 10 kilometers.

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