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    Public Hoardings May Lead To Distraction With Lethal Accidents.

    Today the advertisement has grown-up to a separate segment & a big industry taking care of marketing aspects of a brand or a commodity. The competition is so severe that each brand wants some space within customer's mind so as to develop the brand & increase the company sales. So in this process there are numerous other ways have been found out to attract the customer to them. Public hoardings is one of the strategies adopted very aggressively that works as a major booster for the growth of a brand.

    But within all these, the company has ignored the fact that the public has also got the distraction which may have also lead to the highly destructive or damaging incidents. Although we are very much evident of growing accidents but these hoarding have been hardly blamed for.

    The matter is so changed that the companies are using video hordings instead of still pictures. There is in no time that the driver may find distraction & can kill himself & at the same time impacting others with fatal injuries.

    Don't you feel that this got to be limited somewhere rather then giving it a free hand. But this is not happening. We don't find any responsibility but where & just the sales matters.
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    It is true. These days many hoardings are catching our eye when we travel in a scooter or a car or a bus. The size is very big and to read what they have written on the hoarding also it will take a few seconds. This time is more than enough to an accident to happen. Added to this these hoardings will be displayed in very busy places where the traffic will be very high. So if the driver is getting diverted by seeing the hoarding, the chances for an accident to happen are very high. The police will ask the driver to go within the limits and have the seat belt but they can't ask him not to see the hoardings. Even very experienced drivers also may lose their concentration sometimes because of these advertising tools and instruments. If video hoardings are becoming high in number, it will give rise to an increased number of accidents. So there should be a screening system for these advertisement hoardings before they are displayed and should be reviewed before making it open to the public.
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    It is true that the Public Hoardings distracts the view of the driver. It is not advisable to put big flex on the highway roads which makes it difficult for the driver to see the view. Many accidents happen due to such Hoardings which are placed in between roads or in the side roads of the Highways. The political parties flag also need to be removed from the median of the junction. It gives a bad opinion for placing such Hoardings in middle of the roads.
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    Now in Hyderabad we have new options in hoardings as every pillar of Metro train has been used to advertise and that has become continuous and every distracting for the road users. Out door advertisement is all about the great view and the Metro rail pillars give the best view for the road users and thus almost many companies have signed contract with ad companies to book their ads through Metro pillar hoardings. And coming to the video ads, which was banned earlier even at Secunderabad station has now opened again. So it is the disturbance for every one when moving ads are shown.
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    Advertisements, hoarding, and flex banners are all necessary evils for the Government treasury like the liquor and tobacco tax revenue. The money earned by such big, outrageous advertisements bring in much-needed money to the municipal/government coffers.

    Like other things affecting the common man, this sector also has been given a wide margin by the authorities, there are instances wherein tree saplings have been cut down so that the images are better visible. Giant hoarding with attractive models are placed strategically at the turnings of the fly-overs, signals etc which any person with common sense would find it distracting. Apart from this hoardings and banners are tied over to tree trunks and lamps post in a manner that most of the footpath is occupied and the public have to go around it by getting on the road edge.

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