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    What's dhaiso/derso rupiya in Hindi

    What is the Hindi word for Rs. 250?
    I don't know hindi well. What's 250 rupees in hindi ?
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    dhedso means 150 rs and Dhaaso means 250 rs and sadhe teenso for 350 ,sadhe charso for 450 ,sadhe pachso for 550 ,sadhe chehso for 650 ,sadhe saatso for 750 ,sadhe aatso for 850, sadhe nauso for 950 and bazaar for 1000.Now a new sequence starts with 1000.So now 1500 rs will be sadhe dedh bazaar ,2500 rs will be dhaai bazaar .3500 will be sadhe teen bazaar and so on...

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    Kindly note for thousand it is hazaar not bazaar, may be a typing error,but that will make quite a bit of difference in terms of money for an unknown person learning these terms. Moreover for Rs.1500 we can also say pandra sou.

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    Yes it was typing error for hazaar..

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    'Sadhe' generally means 'half' when suffixed to a number. However, in case of numbers one and two, instead of suffixing 'sadhe', specific terms are used as follows -

    1. One and a half - dedh sau
    2. Two and a half - dhai sau
    3. Three and a half - sadhe teen
    4. Four and a half - sadhe char
    5. Five and a half - sadhe panch etc.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    From the post and response of @Kavita, it is clear they are in places where hindi is a speaking language and they only write here with whatever they heard and that is why for sau, it is written as so, and for dhai sau it is written as derso.

    That reminds me when I have asked in local kirana with a literal translation from Tamil. In Tamil we used to ask One half litre packet or one half kilo packet and hence I have translated in hindi as ek aadha liter/ek aadha Kilo but shop keeper confused whether it is one and half and they I came to know this word dedh for one and half. Similarly when I asked for pau kilo(that is one fourth 1/4) they introduced me to this dhai sau (250).

    Nice to be in ISC and feel the difference.

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    In old city of Hyderabad the street vendors use these words. Dadesou means 150, Adesou means 250. Nauvad means 90 rupees, and son on.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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