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Have the standards of engineering institutes in India gone downhill? What steps could be taken to reverse this trend?
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    Do you believe that the quality of Engineering Education has gone down?

    Recently the Prime Minister Narendra Modi made an announcement of the Make in India campaign to promote the manufacturing jobs in India. We know that the Engineering Education is good in IIT's and NIT's and some engineering colleges and apart from these, most of the Engineering colleges do not have the quality to provide jobs. Students find it difficult to find jobs from the changing environment. In this year around 80,000 seats have been vacant in colleges and such colleges are shutting down its business. The All India Council of Technical Education wants to close around 800 engineering colleges, where there is no one is there for seats and every year the admissions to Engineering has been down.

    Do you think the quality of Engineering Education has gone down? What steps do we need to make Engineering Education bring back from old glory?
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    In India in total in all the fields of education the quality has come down. The education in India is a business now. The private institutes are making merry by asking for very high amount as donations and other expenses. As the business is lucrative many private colleges have come for Engineering. Then some state governments announced fees reimbursement and they are not giving immediately to the management. So the management is not able to pay salaries and they are not appointing lecturers and they are not making the laboratories useful by equipping it with instruments. So the quality has come down. But if the students are not passing their college will get a bad name. So they are somehow seeing that all the students will get the degrees. This attitude is to be changed. The government should insist for all amenities in the colleges and faculty also should be there. Then only we may expect quality in the education. No college is giving proper training and on job training to the students and hence they are coming out with only a degree but not with added skills.
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    Yes the quality of education in Engineering has gone down as it seems to be not fetching. Gone are the days when the colleges were less, seats were less, aspirants were more and thus the lecturers were duty bound to give good and dedicated education. Now every politician has a Engineering college in his constitution and some have more that five or six in other names. Thus the quality of education has come down and quantity of seats have gone up. Moreover those who are getting good ranks are bound to get in government engineering colleges for free seats and others not taking risk of paying higher fees for no fetching jobs.
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    Yes, I agree with the author that the quality of Engineering education had gone down during the last some years. It is unfortunate that most of the engineer are unemployed in India and searching the jobs as a professor in the engineering college. Most of the political leader has opened their own engineering college due to which the numbers of seats have been increased which results in the admission of almost all the maths students in the college. Once only creamy layer students were enrolled in the college. But now all the students are able to take admission and we can understand that it would certainly affect the quality of the education.
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    Yes, the quality of engineering education has deteriorated due to many reasons. Even the quality of engineering education in the newly opened IITs is not at par with the original 5 IITs located at Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Kharagpur and Kanpur.

    The outstanding teachers including IITians have joined coaching industry at places like Kota where they are getting such a salary which the government cannot afford to pay.

    The private engineering colleges particularly those on the verge of closure were selling degrees in lieu of receipt of capitation fee or at least fat fees. How a merchant of education can be expected to deliver quality education?

    The wards of farmers are not interested in doing farming as it involves hard work often in severe climatic conditions also. Therefore, they dream about becoming an engineer after buying a degree from a private college.

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    There is absolutely no doubt that the quality of engineering education has gone down drastically in most of the engineering colleges in the country. Mushrooming of private engineering colleges in every nook and corner, acute shortage of faculty-members and lack of infrastructure in those private colleges are the main reason behind the deterioration.
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    Quality of Engineering education is reduced due to the following reasons:

    Students - Due to the quality of the students.Earlier engineering admission requires 60%+ marks in Physics, Chemistry, and Maths.Now students with less mark are getting admission.Good knowledge of Maths and Physics mandatory for engineering.Many students don't do in-depth study in the core subjects in engineering and they focus only on the campus interview and prepare for it and somehow get the job.This is affecting the quality of the engineering education.

    Teachers - Many engineering colleges have the faculty with fewer qualifications and knowledge.This is the problem with most private engineering colleges
    College facility- Many colleges have the poor infrastructure - lab facility, library, and tools

    Solution to improve the quality of the education are:
    - Ensure stringent admission criteria and evaluation of students
    -Ensure periodic evaluation and training of the faculty
    -AICTE to ensure good infrastructure in colleges

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    Yes, it is true that the importance of Engineering as a career has decreased to a major extent.Initially, it was considered to be pursued by scholars and intelligent people. There used to be so much desire of scholar student to get admission to Engineering. That zeal and desire are missing. Now - a -days there are diploma courses for which you might not require to have merit class. Students used to take up Engineering not just as a career but also as a tool to showcase their skills and their interest towards the practical subjects of Engineering. There should be certainly some steps taken by Education Committee to promote this branch of Engineering. Maybe they can introduce some extra curriculum subjects which can help them in getting a job.

    (Even girls had a reason for getting impressed towards such engineering students for their intelligence and not looks, didn't they ?)

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    Renji Vijayan analysis is absolutely correct. There is nothing wrong with the curriculum. The fault lies with poor infrastructural facilities, lack of a sufficient number of qualified teachers and the commercial attitude of the majority of private engineering colleges. These days the situation in many of the private engineering colleges is such that, once a student gets admission he or she is assured of getting the degree even without attending the college. The All India Council for Technical Education is the main culprit as there is no proper and strict evaluation of the mushrooming private engineering colleges.
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    With increasing quantity in any area, it is very difficult to maintain quality. They have a strange relationship.

    When a select meritorious group of students join a course then the outcome is also magnificent. They are the cream product and companies feel proud to recruit them giving them good packages.

    On the contrary when every Tom Dick and Henry joins a course just because seats are available then the deterioration in quality follows. This is a direct result of dumping population in a worthless academic tunnel.

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    I am agreeing the statement that Quality of engineering education come down as it seems so because of the aspirants come down. This is because of people /students opt the courses with some expectation and not with interest.

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    The quality of Engineering education and the respect it deserves has come down. Among the list of causes, I would put first greed.

    The greed of commercializing engineering education. In the late 1980s to early 1990s, it was not that easy to get an engineering seat in a good institution. Later on, there has been a sudden spurt in the number of colleges springing up.

    You just have to travel to Karnataka or TamilNadu to find the number of engineering and polytechnic colleges. People and communities that had money started cashing in on these private/autonomous/deemed universities that built a building, hired some staff and threw open the doors to many branches of engineering degrees. There are numerous colleges without even the basic infrastructure, labs etc.

    This happened along with the collusion of the educational department sanctioning college after college. Nobody, paused and thought for a few minutes as to where are the students and what are the standards going to be?

    Once students get into a private college, the college is forced to have decent results, hence they 'help them on their way'. This has led to a casual approach by some students. Then came the part-time or distance education modes with variable standards.

    There are people who do projects and assignment help consultants who basically do the work on behalf of the students.

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    Yes, I do think the education system of Engineering in India has been lost.In India education system especially the engineering education system is like an industry which is going on continuing with mass production of engineers.As there is a rise in the graduates coming out from the engineering colleges every year and remaining unemployed along with unemployment the educational system will also fall down along with values of education of Indian in world's sight of view.Engineering becomes a matter of discussion after every 12th exam between the students, parent and relatives. Before a few years back, the discussion was 'what you want to pursue Engineering or medical if a person wants to engineering, go ahead since engineering is better than medical because engineering is easy then Medical' but now the discussion takes place that 'engineers are remaining unemployed I think no need of taking engineering so take medical or any other field'.Nowadays the fall in the system of education in engineering has given the rise and the hope for science graduation like Bachelor of Science and many other fields and computer applications courses.The system is followed is also not efficient according to the today's generation.Increase in the competition the people will expect more and more from the Institution and the system which will be provided to study for a long time of 4 years.

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    Old thread but relevant Information:
    Reading the Indian express today, due to lack of takers for many engineering seats, AICTE has been approached by 83 colleges ( total of 24,000 seats) for the closure of their colleges. Further on around 494 colleges are discontinuing some programs(42,000 seats). Lastly, 639 institutes want to reduce their intake for engineering courses ( 62,000 seats). If these reports are to be believed, around 1,30,000 seats (BE/BTech, M.E/M.Tech).

    Although it sounds sad, it would be a right step forward, Once these surplus/vacant seats are taken off, the remaining colleges/institutions would be encouraged to improve their infrastructure, their faculty etc so that, their own student enrollment does not drop or improves.

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