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    How do you see this practice around?

    Though in India schemes like Swacch Bharath Abiyaan are introduced, still we can very well see this kind of practice around us. There are many people who have business of waiting (sitting) in one place like local vendors who sell vegetables, fruits, or any other Road side vendor, or auto rickshaw driver and they used to spit around them where ever they sit and spit may be from ordinary spit to salva ejected after a pan or other items.

    I used to think people are far below the birds who used to shit wherever they sit at least they have only five sense while human being have six senses.
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    It is very common to see such local vendors sell their fruits or make food usually spit around the place where they sit. Eating food from such places are becoming dirtier and some may argue that the quality of food is good, but we need to think that there is no hygiene in the place and we don't know what ingredients are mixed and placed in the food. We need to go far ahead in the Swatch Bharat Mission, as people need to develop some kind of common sense not to spit on the place where they sit. If you are in Singapore and if you spit the fine would be around 1000 dollars. In India, we are not making proper rules in the functioning of the stalls. Every person who finds a small place will start their own shops without proper licenses.
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    It is the mindset of the people. These vendors who are stationary at a particular place spoil the place and leave the place in the evening as such. But many rich people who travel by their most modern cars also eat while travelling and through the empty packets on to the road. Both of them are responsible for the untidiness of the roads.
    Many of these street vendors will hold a cigarette in one hand and with the other hand, they will serve you the food also. They never bother about the neatness and hygiene. Unfortunately, the consumer will also never think about his own health. The government cannot bring in the discipline if the public won't cooperate with them. Even though the government will bring in strict rules the law protectors will try to get benefit out of these rules and the public will never understand the importance maintaining neatness in public places.

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    Yes, I fully agree with the author and found this type of practice all around. I am a teacher and my school is on the roadside which connects the road to the town. People when comes to town from the road they have a habit to spit on the road without seeing if anybody is going from there. I have many times tell them not to do here in front of the school. As if children will see them, they will certainly follow them. We have to go on a long journey to reduce this practice. Awareness in the people is necessary for the success of Swachh Bharat Abhiyan.
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    Some of us lack awareness about civic responsibility. You see people sweeping their homes, clean the garbage, pack it in a plastic cover and just dump it in the corner of the street or the pile of rubbish that is already exisiting. Such is the mindset of some people. The day we realise that the public place is also for us and we need to maintain it, then it would be fine.

    If you go to any apartment complex, you are bound to see cigarette ends, matchsticks and spit marks in corners of the staircases. People have to stick images of God's on their compound walls, not to show their respect for God but to prevent people from urinating on the compound walls. When this is the behaviour of people who are educated or can afford an indepent home, then it's no surprise about the street vendors.

    The street vendors and people who spend their time in the streets casually keep spitting around and littering around. Yes, I've seen this practice and embarrassed by it. Our country needs many more years and education to gradually change this practice.

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    The problem discussed here is an important one. This problem has been under the consideration of both State and Central Governments. However, the authorities have limitations in this matter. It is the culture and conscience of the people that matters. Even educated people used to spit and urinate in open places. Smoking and throwing the buts after smoking are a very common sights in streets. Vendors of different products are not much worried about cleanliness.
    There are different reasons for such behaviour among the masses. One is the non availability of public convenience centres in cities. Another reason is many of our towns and cities are new born. Hence the people residing there had been leading a village life where enough open places were available and nobody cared about spitting anywhere or throwing cigarettes butts here and there. It may take more time to switch over to new habits. Of course, to begin with the authorities must take suitable steps to control this. There are different countries where strict actions are taken who do not follow the orders.

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    Taking action to stop spitting at public places comes later in the priority list. First programs for construction of toilets for stopping open defecation and urination are underway.

    As mentioned by the fellow authors in their responses above, spitting, often without any reason or rhyme, is simply just a bad habit but many people chew tobacco or paan which makes them to spit periodically.

    In cities like Mumbai more civic sense can be observed.

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