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    What do you do to cool down someone whom you like most if they get angry?

    It sometimes so happens that someone whom you like most gets angry. May be your family member,relative, friend or a colleague. In spite of their anguish, you want to make them normal and get cooled. What could be the best method to be applied to pacify them? I think it is an art and people who are articulate to convince them are the most successful in this. What about you?
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    If somebody whom you like most is angry on us they will come and start shouting at us. What I do in such case is I will keep silent till he/she stops his shouting. If we try to stop in between they will get further angry. Once she is tired of shouting we should start very slowly saying that I am sorry for making so unhappy. Don't be so angry, it may cause you some problem. I accept that I have done a mistake. These sentences I will use even though I am not at fault. Then their ego will get satisfied. Once they are cool and if I think the time has come to explain our point of view, we can start very politely with a very low voice and make them understand under what situation you have behaved like that and why the option you have taken is correct. Generally, by following this pattern most of the times I am successful in passivating the person who was very angry with me.
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    If somebody gets angry with me I always ignore his anger and meet him with a smiley face. A big smile on your face can solve a lot of problem without any efforts. I try to listen to everything he /she want to tell. It is the best method to cooldown this type of person. Once he can tell everything in his anger to anybody I have found that this type of person becomes normal after sometimes. If nobody listens to him, he gets angrier. I also do not take his talk seriously. I ignore everything he tells in anger. After sometimes relation becomes normal and the person automatically feels guilty for his language.
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    As I am a very peace-loving person, if anyone is very angry with me or with any other person and continues shouting, most of the time I quietly leave the place. Because I very well know that if I get angry by the anger of the person in front of me, it would be a terrible disaster.
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    This happens in a matter of few mintues wherein a disscussion becomes an healthy arugement and then turns into a heated debate. This has happened couple of times in realtion to money pooled in for a venture among friends and with travel arrangments not being intimidated to close relatvies.

    Luckily, often in such situations, there would be someone who stays neutral or is outgoing or a person who gels with all in the group. One of my uncles is a smart and expereinced person. He would just pat the back of the person and move him away from the main disscussion and paficy him and change the discussion to something else. His favourite line would 'what to do, I understand your concerns but that chap is not yet mature enough to understand it, let it go, I will expalin to him later'.

    I think, it needs a calm person who's a little senior or energetic in the group to quickly de-escalate the anger and animosity among people known to us.I also feel, it would be good to keep off delicate issues or controversial issues at least when we are in a social gathering because, I've seen a couple of functions being marred by the unpleasant verbal duels happening in a corner of the hall or premises.

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    In fact those who love us and like us and if they get angry, it is nice to watch their moves and that is more enjoyable but they do get further irritated if we are not pacifying them first. If my wife gets irritated for no reason, I shall leave the place for a while and return back. She would now behave some what sober and sensibly. If the children get annoyed and angry, the best to pacify them is to bring their choicest fruits ice creams or biscuits which they love to eat always. It is easy to bring the person to normal, if you know them fully well since many years otherwise it will give reverse act on you.
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    Time is the greatest healing factor and in such situations, one has to wait and see for an opportunity to extinguish the residual anguish by subtle apology or calm and low voice transactions. Generally people will forgive you if it was an inadvertent remark or action from your side which angered him.

    I generally follow this approach and most of the times things get resolved and do not linger for a long time.

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