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    Want to know if there is any duration restriction to post forum response?

    I am new on ISC and want to know if there is any time limit to post our responses to any thread.I have read the forum response posting guidelines but did not get an answer to my query. What I understand is that only when the thread is locked we cannot post any more responses.While coming across any forum I do not consider the date to post my response. It is only the year that I notice. Let me know so that even I will see the date while putting response.

    Is it true that we cannot post a response to a thread if it is older than 10 days?

    Kindly let me know because a response was posted to one of my thread saying do not post a response if the thread is older than 10 days.It was not from admin but by one of the author when a new member posted a response to my thread? Can anyone from admin kindly answer this?
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    Yes by mistake some new members are digging our old threads out of curiosity and responding them. Once the old thread appears on the first page, even others would also tempted to give reply unmindful of its validity. Please desist from old threads and never respond. Your contribution wont be accepted and the threads would be locked sooner or later. You can always create new threads on any topic and reply to scores of threads which are making rounds but of current dates.
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    The good practice will be to verify the original date on which the thread was raised first time and post response only whithin 10 days of its first appearance.

    Sometimes, new authors due to ignorance and even old authors due to hurry, post responses on threads older than 10 days and in such cases the thread re-appears on first page. In such cases also, no response should be posted.

    There are certain threads which are of such a nature that the admins/editors may keep the thread open even after 10 days but such cases are rare and specific and should not be confused with the general '10 days' rule.

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    Only in case of pinned threads, you can respond after ten days. But in case of normal threads, you must not respond after ten days of initiation of the particular thread. This rule is applicable to the Forum section only.
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    Can you clarify - "Only in case of pinned threads, you can respond after ten days." I do not think any pinned thread will remain open for members to post their responses.

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    It is true that a thread need be live for a limited period like ten days. However, certain threads might get more responses and certain responses might invite the attention of others who had already responded, and feel like reacting. This type of activities might invite additional duration sometimes.
    Another issue is there are many members who are not regular. They may go on searching different threads when time is available. Then, perhaps, they may not look into the date on which the thread posted. At the same time they might be interested in the thread might wish to add their valuable comments on it.
    These are the reasons for older threads reappearing.

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    Yes, it is best not to respond to any thread which is older than 10 days. The basic reason is that such an activity results in old threads coming back to the first page of the forum and newer threads with fresh topics getting pushed into the second or even the third page. This way, often, some really good new threads get lost in oblivion.

    A few things which are permitted:
    1. Threads which are related to suggestions, requests and complaints may have been overlooked by the forum editors/admin. and can be brought back up front so that they are not completely ignored. Forum Editors, too, on a few rare occasions bring up an old thread topic for discussion which has good potential. They may also let a thread continue for more days when the topic has elicited really good discussions & is likely to continue to bring up good responses.

    2. In case you do find an old thread which you really liked, you can raise a thread on that same topic (but not same text) and put your views in your thread, with a link to the earlier thread.

    I would like to suggest that you have a look at Sectionwise FAQs which has links to relevant guidance for each section, based on general queries which members come up with from time to time. Thus, you can see the info related to your query under How to submit a forum response. Hope that helps.

    Let us know if you would need any further guidance in relation to the forum (threads or responses).

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    Thank you all for clarifying my doubts.

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    This is the mistake many new members will be doing very often. Many times our Editors are advising the new entrants not to reply to threads which are posted before 10 days. There are some exemptions and they were already explained by the ME. So you can follow. Sometimes the senior members who know this rule also will respond by mistake and they will be getting awarded negative marking also.
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    Yes, It is good practice not to reply any thread which is older than 10 days. If the older threads come in the front pages, usually all of them will have the tendency to reply to the particular forum. The new members who come to the site must follow the guidelines provided by ISC. Take some time to understand and also go through the Help Topicsto know about the different sections in ISC.
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    @Kavitha.U, yesterday, I saw one of your old threads about actors being pulled up by a new member and hence posted a line not to reply to threads older than 10 days (both the new and the old member got a zero). Many times, one person pulls up an old thread and other members seeing it in the list of recent posts by everyone starting replying until the thread is locked.

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    You haven't clarified my doubt posted in my response # 632840.

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