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    What could be something you would like to do the old-fashioned way?

    Is there some nostalgic longing in you to do something which you did in your past? A certain type of activity? Experience something really nice again? Share your wish!

    Time and tide wait for none. We have to move on. Yet the memories of good olden days would continue and certain moments we still want to enjoy even after reaching a certain level. We may be leading a luxurious life or comfortable with good living standards than before; still, some past moments give us the most pleasure and immense satisfaction. Maybe your active participation in the game of Kabaddi or a family get together in the village fields or mango tree yard - would take you the pleasant life you had with your family which may be missing or your kids may be missing.

    For me, the dinner with all family members seated on the floor, watching the TV, having a friendly chat with parents, brother and sisters in our tiled house in my native place was a moment of pleasure. All topics including the happenings of the day in our college and politics used to cover as a whole. There is growth in age, rank and file and sometimes we have to live with the changing lifestyle.

    Even now, I prefer to sit on the floor of my sitting hall before the TV and have my dinner but family members sometimes strongly object and offer me to use at least the 'bean bag'. Of course, we have no other option but to accept!

    What could be something you would like to do the old-fashioned way?
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    In our tradition too we have the habit of sitting on the floor and eating on the plantain leaf which was must during festivities. But on daily basis I prefer to eat sitting on the ground and even our children are habituated to eat like that so. By sitting on the ground and eating, we are bound to be comfortable and the eye contacts with the family members would be straight and the discussions would be fruitful and decisive. And on sitting in the ground we bound to eat well as we give ample scope for the stomach to have greater in take. And above all the comfort-ability sitting on the ground cannot be matched.
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    My answer is quite silly but honest. I would want everyone to revert back to armors and daggers. Conflicts will be solved by a duel or a combat. I was always fond of those huge steel swords. I would like to hold those lances, swords, halbred and bows. Ancient weapons are like none other. Guns and grenades can never be as awesome as swords and catapults.

    That's what I wish was in the old fashioned way. Our weaponry and tactics.

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    I would prefer to go back to the olden system of getting taught by sincere and dedicated teachers. The teachers were generally poor wealth wise but very rich honesty wise. They never tried to earn more through coaching classes and if required used to take extra classes for weaker students without any additional obligation.

    I wish to recite numbers table aloud and repeatedly to remember the same for lifetime. After mastering the simple numbers table, I wish to delve deeper in mathematics by remembering fractions table so that there is no requirement of use of electronic calculators for simple calculations.

    If necessary, I wish to be punished by the honest school teacher, be it by holding and twisting earlobes or made to do squats, called 'uthak baithak' in Hindi language. I am ready to even receive corporal punishment from the honest school teacher.

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    Really a nice and interesting thread by the author. I remember my childhood when we slept on the terrace of our house. I really enjoyed that life. The people of all the house came on the terrace and we altogether talk a long time and after that, we slept on the terrace in the summer season. Now we have cooler and air condition but we do not have such enjoyment of life which we have enjoyed in the past. I also remember my childhood games like mami kaki, pakdam padi, river and mountain, sankli, etc but today's generation wants to play on the mobile phone or on the laptop and desktop.
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    I wish to go back and follow my childhood days. Weekly Oil bath was very important to us. Generally we take oil bath only on Saturday or Sunday being holidays. That day, we prepare mutton curry. My mother used to boil pure sesame oil adding onion, chilli, ginger, jeera and drumstick leaves. My father and me tie a piece of cloth (Kovanam/langode); sit on a low wooden pedestal; eat the fried onion, ginger and drumstick leaves; apply oil from head to feet leaving no space to spare. During the course of waiting for a hot water bath, we would taste the mutton curry. After an hour or so, we will have a pleasant hot water bath. Then sit and enjoy the lovely lunch with delicious mutton curry with Rasam.

    After I started earning, this practice was discontinued. I wish to go back and continue this practice.

    @ Oil bath is good for health. It cools our body. It refreshes our mind.

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    Gone are the days. The sweet memories will never leave my mind. We always used to wait for school holidays. The moment the holidays are declared we were on move to our grandfather's house which is about 30 Kms from our place. My Mother's sister's children also used to reach there. We all used to spend time together very happily. We used to enjoy the snacks my grandmother was making. We all used to eat together and the vegetable curries made by my grandmother were very delicious and we used to relish that food very nicely. Those days travelling 30 Kms also used to take 3 hours by bus and we used to enjoy that travel also. Those days there was touring talkies and the owner was a friend of my grandfather and we were going to the movies there. We all used to sit on the floor in a round shape and used to take lunch. We used to discuss so many issues which are relevant to our studies and those day fashions.
    Now we all settled in different places in South India. It is becoming very difficult to meet all of us together. But last year we got a chance to gather all of us near our native place together for a marriage and we enjoyed the days with all of us remembering the days we spent together in our grandfather's village.

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    A really nostalgic thread from the author. What I would love to do is have my neighborhood back, like in good old days. Each neighborhood with 10-15 houses were like an extended family. We used to go to school in horse-drawn tongas and later on auto rickshaws and in high school it was the public bus. The parents knew about us and the rest of our crowd, we used to have snacks or sweets in neighbors house anytime without hesitation.
    The best was the gang which used to get together after 4PM, those days not much importance to tutions. We used to play street cricket or chur-chand or top spinning etc. During holidays, we used to spend a good part of the day outside our homes, playing, sharing amar chitra khatha, enjoying the kulfi ice/crushed ice, guava and sugarcane brought by the street pushcart vendors (without fear of infection).

    Looking back what was crucial was the simple interactions with families, the absence of formalities at least for us kids and the relative safety of the streets from vehicles and strangers. Most important was the sense of belonging to the locality with pride, now that has disappeared.

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    It is a good thread where we can recall our old-fashioned things to our style. For me, I prefer to eat food by watching television. This is one thing which I enjoy my small age. Taking bath in oil refreshes your mind and body and helps to give a message to our head. Talking with my families is also an old-fashioned way and nowadays people who are living in the flats are not able to speak a word with the neighbor person in the flat.
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    I don't want to eat with a spoon but instead would like to use my hand only. In a logical way our tongue is very soft in comparison to the skin of our palm. So if your palm can bear the hot recipes then there would be less changes for your tongue of getting burnt.

    Adding, I don't like the air in a AC room but instead I would like to go out in the morning & sit beneath in tree & taking some fresh air because as the day passes you don't have fresh air to breath.

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