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    I have a problem please solve it

    I don`t know what should I do to get cash balance? Please tell me what I have to do actually.
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    Madam, your question is not at all clear. Kindly elaborate to enable the Members of ISC to provide proper guidance/advice.
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    Shalini from your mention I could understand that you want to have the have the clarification regarding the earning potential from this site. Yes it is possible to earn through this site on daily basis, provided you have the niche to write good English, good articles on any subject and submit the same in article section. On verification and approval, you get the cash credits upto maximum 100 per article. But you should not copy the writing from any source or any site. It must be your own creation and sharing. You can also share your advise in ask experts section for various questions asked there and get earnings.
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    Welcome Ms Shalini Saran on ISC. ISC is the best education site which provides you with an opportunity to earn at the same time of learning. I will suggest you read post content before starting your journey on ISC. This thread will provide you complete information for submitting the different post in the different sections of ISC. If you have any problem or query, please visit help topics . You will find help on every topic here.
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    This is regarding what? You want to know your cash balance on this site. In such case go to your dashboard. There your cash balance will be visible. If you want to know the cash balance in your bank account go to the bank with your passbook and get it updated.
    If you are referring to any other issue please try to elaborate with more details and give maximum information you know so that we will understand what is your exact doubt and then we can let you know whatever little knowledge we have in that particular aspect.
    All the best to you.

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