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    Role of clinical pharmacist misunderstood.

    In the Pharmacy profession there are mainly two courses in India that is Pharmd and Bpharma.Pharmd graduate are known as clinical pharmacist and Bpharm graduate as community pharmacist.The clinical pharmacist serves mainly in hospital and deals with pharmacology branch that is drug and body effect.The community pharmacist serve in Pharmaceutical industry or Pharmacy and deals with chemistry and formulation.pharmd is known as doctor of pharmacy and Bpharm as bachelor of pharmacy.Since pharmd is not given much importance in India it is misunderstood either with bpharm or diploma of pharmcy that is dpharm.what will be the reaction of doctorate holder when you compare his effort with diploma certificate.
    Another misunderstanding is that to open a pharmacy just qualification of 12th is enough since India is not coming up with Pharmacy profession.Do share your experience of any misunderstanding and how to bring India with Pharmacy profession in clinical field and awareness of pharmd professional.
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    Even for me for the first time I came to know more details about Pharma course and how it is divided into two and its importance. But my doubt is regarding the medical shops run by various persons as business and I doubt any body has done the Pharma course at all. Why because, they are simply acting the prescription given by the doctors and those medicines are lined up in the stack, for which no additional qualification in necessary it seems. There is a rule in Telangana that every pharmacist must wear white coats and should not issue medicines unless and until he is qualified to do so. But who cares ?
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    Correct, majority of people who work In India under Pharmacy/ medical store they are not qualified as pharmacist.Major risk of such professional is that they may dispense narcotic medicine which may be with prescription or they won't know it is a narcotic since they have not qualified.There are majority of pharmacy now also where unqualified people work,even the law made by states.These laws are not strict enough to avoid such practice. In India very few hospital follow clinical pharmacist since it is newly introduced .I was surprised when I went to clinic and the doctor asked me what are you studying.I said pharmd,so he was like what it is and is it Dpharm?

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    Thanks to the author, I have learnt the details of the job profile/responsibility of pharmacists. It may help me in future.
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    Manish Kunder,

    I would like to suggest that you write an article on this topic. It has far more value in the article section than in the forum. Make it a detailed one, as a career guidance article. Include qualifications required and the details of the role you have mentioned here in this thread. Put in relevant headings with HTML tags to enhance the overall look of the article. Also, provide relevant internal links to ISC pages (a course link, a college link, a link to an AE query related to this field, etc.) Inter-linking pages ensure visitors stay within ISC & we give additional points & cc for good inter-linking.

    Please take care of spacing issues - leave one space after a full stop - and English (e.g. "Pharmd graduate are known as clinical pharmacist" should be "PharmD graduates are known as clinical pharmacists.") Use the free Grammarly tool which the ISC admin. has provided for its members.

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    My daughter in law is an M Pharm. She explained me these details when we are discussing various options a Pharmacy graduate or postgraduate have in the present day industry. So this matter is known to me. But to open a medical shop at least D. Pharm (Diploma) os required in AP and Telangana. You can't open a medical shop with 12th class qualification. That is many people will show a Diploma holder as their partner or employee and they pay them monthly remuneration as agreed to use his certificate for this propose I don't know the rule in other states. My wife's cousin is having a medical shop. She has taken the certificate of somebody and pay some money monthly showing that candidate as an employee.
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    The mistake here is from the wording of the course. We all have grown up learning about any course with the letter B, D, M means bachelor, diploma or Masters.The term PharmD is confusing with most of us thinking of diploma in pharmacy rather than doctor or pharmacy.
    What needs to be done to increase the awareness is your governing body at the national level, Indian pharmacy/pharmacists apex body needs to endorse or highlight the importance of clinical pharmacists in hospitals and teaching medical colleges. What the author can do is like the suggestion from ME, write an article about How to become a pharmacist. The differences between B pharma, M pharma and doctor of pharmacy, the course duration, the job description and the estimated salary for each including the opportunities for overseas employment.
    The author can browse through two healthcare related jobs and if found useful can use some similar headings/subheadings.
    Patient coordinator - A good career choice in healthcare.
    Role of physician assistants in modern healthcare.

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    Thank you Vandana mam,
    I will try my best to come up with an article on the topic.I am great ful to have your suggestion.

    I will assure you to avoid spelling mistake.

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    Nice Information, Thank you @Manish Kunder.
    Nice to be in ISC and feel the difference.

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