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    I saw a message that eating egg and banana together kills

    Is it true,There are several hoax messages in social media.Totally social media is a platform for spreading hoax messages.I don't know what happens when egg and banana combines.But is was written in the message that the reaction between egg and banana with digestive enzymes it will get converted into poison and kills immediately. I couldn't find scientific reason.This message was forwarded in large number. It is quite interesting.But I came to know no such report has been done in my district. It includes a name of person from China. Could it be a hoax?
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    It is quite true that certain things cannot be combined as food. What are those things? We do not know. We need to experience it. But who will experiment it? We can try it through certain animals like dog, cat and goat , and birds like crow, pigeon and parrot.

    I am against eating curd with fish which is likely to create skin problems. Have you heard about this?

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    I have been taking the egg (in different forms) with roti/paratha/bread and banana in the breakfast since my childhood. I am still batting at 50+. So, I think I should not bother about such message.
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    I don't know how far it is true.
    Because, I know a pancake recipe which is made up of two ingredients only. Egg and banana.
    I have not tried that recipe yet but I got it from my friend who often does it for breakfast. She also gives it to her kids.

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    I do not know whether it is true or not but I have also read this message in social media. It is true that some foodstuff should not be taken together. For example fish and milk, brinjal and milk, honey and ghee in same quantities, etc. I have read and found that Ayurveda also believes that honey and ghee in same quantities become poison and can cause the death of the person.
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    It is definitely a fake message only. I know people who are eating egg as well as a banana in the lunch. Now we also got confirmation that the person who is taking this combination from childhood is still enjoying the same food. Don't go by these social media posts. If still, you have any doubt you can consult your doctor or pharmacist who will clear your doubt with a scientific explanation. May some foods in a particular proportion may cause problems.
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    While it may be good to clarify doubts here, it would be better not to post such suspicious inferences because indirectly the author would be helping in propagating false/fake news.
    One is most welcome to post such information after verification by self, if there are credible references or sites that one can further access.

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    On researching on net, it is revealed that it is a hoax that eating banana and eggs together can cause death.

    On application of common sense also, it appears that since many prople are eating eggs and bananas in the breakfast since ages without any adverse effect, the news is not true.

    I think it is better to not treat ISC as a social media and share everything in circulation in the media without cross verification of the facts from other resources in doubtful cases.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    I have not got any messages where the Egg and Banana can't be eaten. There are people who mix these items in their regular lunch and they are enjoying it. Mixing curd and Juices is not a good combination as you will have skin problems in future. If you have doubt in any combination, please go to a dietician who will clear all your doubts. Ask what food items can be eaten without much risk.
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