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    Does Hartal and Bandh affects your Daily Life Routines?

    In this month of April, we have seen Hartals and Bandhs happening in different states. Many of the political parties who made these bandhs and hartals are making the life of ordinary people in a hostile manner. Many of them come from different locations for finding jobs and the people will have their own duties to do in the offices. If such incidents happen without proper information the people who come from different locations get into trouble. Yesterday itself I have witnessed an incident in Kerala where One person is getting beaten up by the BJP supporters for not giving way to the hospital. His daughter needs to rush to the hospital and he was not given way for passing. Why are Hospital Cases not avoided from Bandhs and Hartals? Do we need to stop Hartals and Bandhs which causes more problem for people? What steps can be taken for avoiding Hartals and Bandhs?
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    That if we have to go through it then certainly would have an impact on us. But as I am in such a location that these are just evident through media or the news channels.

    For an instance that I need the urgent medication & at the same time then these will strike to a big deal. The author has pointed out the incidence of Kerala itself blaming the BJP supporters but this is the area wherein the BJP still a weak party. But it's a politics & anything is possible.

    In whatever this shouldn't be the case.

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    This is a real problem. We experienced these bundhs and hartals many times in our Telangana before the state formation. In the 1980s and 1990s, so many bandhs call by Naxalites and once they have given call no one was dared to make working on that. Like this many factories were used to last so many productive days. in the 2000s and 2010s the bandhs by TRS for a separate state. At least one bandh a month was the order those days. Especially common man and a person who makes his living by daily wage earnings were used to suffering like anything. An auto driver was forced to stop running so no collection for him but he has to pay the rent. Like this cab drivers, auto drivers and small business people used to suffer a lot.
    The private organisations will never give a holiday for bundh so the employee has to reach somehow to the office otherwise he will lose one leave or one day wage. Their troubles can't be described.
    So these bandhs and hartals are very unwanted for the public but were encouraged by the politicians.

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    Bandhs and Hartal are intended to draw attention to the problems faced by the people or party who has called for the bandh. Sadly, this has lost its relevance in many parts of India. Bandhs are now called by any party or powerful netas indirectly to voice their views and not their actual problems.
    The success of the bandh is now measured by how much discomfort the people had to face. In Karnataka, when there is a bandh, life goes largely without many issues. In some places there would be violence but hospitals would be spared.
    The next day, we would hear in the papers or the same evening in the TV channels we would hear reports of how people are stranded in bus stops, trains stations and have to pay huge amounts of money to autos and cabs after 6PM.
    If one calculates the loss of earnings on that day in the city and state, the figure would be staggering. What's even more a matter of concern is on bandhs the schools will not close always, parents have to keep their fingers crossed that the school bus is not caught in the middle of any stray violence.
    So, yes, bandhs and hartals affects daily routines in our part of the city but not to the extent we see in the peripheral and the rural districts. The worst bandhs were when we have the Cauvery water issues.

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    The bandhs and hartals have become a routine. People are accustomed and prepare themselves accordingly. Now we have general undeclared timings for these also. They start after breakfast time. They peak between 9.00 AM to 1.00 PM. The life will be as usual from 5.00PM.
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    Today morning when I opened the local Television for the latest news, the headlines alerted that there would be Bharath Bandh today organised by those who are against the reservations. This so called Bandh was not supported by any political parties but by the like minded people in social media and they called the Bandh against giving reservations . But in Hyderabad there was no effect of this Hartal or shut down as the works were normal, we had the normal life today. Bandh becomes more severe when the political parties join in large numbers and that would have great effect.
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