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    The Theory Of Implanting Micro Chips Inside Our Body! Instead Are We The Future Robots?

    With the help of this you wouldn't be required to carry out your mobile devices along with you. Instead the micro chip inserted within your body will control all these. You would have observed the card that simply you are required to move through the main door & it will open for you. Other examples could be that of the ATM card or your TV remote control.

    Microchips are not new, but the practice of routinely implanting them in humans is but the time is coming where we will be forced to have a chip put inside our body.

    Don't believe it?

    The Swedish start-up hub Epicenter, offers to implant its workers and start-up members with microchips the size of grains of rice that function as swipe cards, to open doors, operate printers or buy smoothies with a wave of the hand. One benefit is that unlike swipe cards or mobile phones, people cannot easily be separated themselves from these microchips. There are other handful of other companies which have been using this technology on broad scale.

    Till few times back the companies were using them to track deliveries but sooner the time will come, evident of these chips nearby to you too. I don't know about how the world would look this way.
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    Is it really happening? Implanting the microchip into the body. That means it is a part of your body like a hand, leg and face. You can do many things with this. You can open the doos, you can make purchases just by waving your hand. It is like a magician doing magic on the stage. In such case, the security of the man is in danger. If somebody hijacks the person and made him forcibly use the chip for their benefit, what that man can do? Is he endangered? Technology is giving some many comforts to the human beings but it is not properly addressing the safety parameters required for the well being of the man. The world is progressing. Already we know Robots are doing all the works for a human being. Now with this advances in electronics, many more facilities are going to be developed for the comfort of the man.
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    Yes, it is true that many companies are doing their research to do it successfully. Recently in movies, we have seen that a RAW agent implants a chip inside his body and the team track his movements on the way. It can be utilized in the defense sector where such chips will be needed to track the movement of terrorist. Robotics will see huge change and also in the way they present. One such thing is the automation where most of the jobs can be done by robots which helps the human beings to reduce their workloads. Bringing too much automation makes our life complicated because we end in a state where we cannot live without a connected world.
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    We have seen many of these microchips in James Bond movies and other espionage movies. This would help to carry the information on person and easily accessible. The biggest advantage of this would be to the employers who can track the movements of their staff because, these chips functions as miniature GPS tracking devices.

    The problems would be for the staff who sign in and then quickly slip out in between for their personal work. People who are employed in the Government service but moonlight in the private sector, people who invent lies to take urgent leave would find it more difficult.

    The easy part of accessing the data or information may be it's own downfall, imagine if the criminals get hold of the scanners or the chip reading device, then all our secrets would be in the wrong hands in a matter of few seconds.

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    Inserting Micro chips inside the body and making the body to act as per its command. May be such fictions happen in films and not in the real life. May be we are asking for more.
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