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    Why the present day students are not perfect in current affairs and general knowledge ?

    It is the fact that even Engineering students are not having perfect knowledge about the current affairs, politics and even some running general knowledge information. If you ask any student who is well versed with aptitude test and maths test, he shall attempt and even get full marks , but when it comes to current affairs and general knowledge they score zero. That is the reason being so many students who got good marks in academic qualification and even participated in Aptitude tests do fail in personal interview conducted during walk in interviews.
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    The overall education standards have come down. Even technical subjects also many people are not able to score well. These days studies are just for earning degrees. I have been seeing many people who got more than 70% marks but even don't know what exactly was there in the Biodata. These days many people are there to make your biodata appear good by writing very good English and all that for payment. These candidates hire their services. But when they attend the interview they may not be able to answer what they have written in their biodata.
    These days many students spend most of their time on their mobiles and social media. They read a little during their examinations and not bother about the current affairs and General Knowledge also. There is no seriousness in their approach for any problem. So we find the majority of people are like this. But we find some people who are very much into the subject and they can manage anywhere and will come out successfully.

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    The habit of reading newspapers has really gone down and that's the reason why most of the students are not aware of the current affairs. Most of them don't know what is happening in our country. Students usually prepare for tests which they study properly. Most of them score marks in written examinations and when we ask a question which is out of the syllabus, most of them fail to attempt it. We can see that students who secure high marks in graduation are not able to qualify for the aptitude tests. We need to change this perspective by giving more attention to current affairs and educate people based on it.
    "Earning knowledge is by sharing it with ISC and we will rectify our mistakes."

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    General Knowledge cannot be learnt by reading voluminous books on the eve of the examination. Instead, it has to be acquired over a period of few or many years by being aware of the happenings around the world through reading reputed newspapers and other standard periodicals / books.

    Reading Geography, History and Civics etc. during class VI to VIII seriously creates a good base for general knowledge. A reputed English language newspaper should be subscribed at home together with at least one or two periodicals of GK and Current Affairs.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    When we consider most of the Indian competitive examinations, current affairs and general knowledge become important. The thread is little harsh on Engineering students. I do not have the figures to state that students are poor in these sections. If it is, then we need to think about introducing the same a couple of years prior to the final year exams. Then at least they can get into the habit of reading and be learning about current affairs and general knowledge. Earlier we used to be encouraged to read newspapers to learn English, this practice would also double up as keeping up with current affairs.

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    Not just the students ,but generally our people are not interested or aware of the current affairs beyond the catch headlines in print media or breaking news and the whatsapp or Facebook notes pushed in.
    They are more interested in gossip, sensationalism and rumours about the celebrities in moviedom and sports areas.

    As most of the media are biased in one way or the other we do not get the real facts and truths by following one channel or newspaper. We need to view various channels and various papers and magazines and discussions and filter the facts and then analyse them and form our view on that. That is definitely laborious and boring and not everyone bother to do that.

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