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    Which food you like the most

    Many times we, all our family members, will be going out for eating out. Generally, we avoid going to the same restaurant always and we will try to see the best possible hotels near our place.
    But after going there always the point comes first for discussion is which food to be ordered. I am always a lover of south Indian dishes. My two sons and their wives prefer north Indian dishes with roti varieties. My wife is a neutral guy. After a long discussion finally, we will go as per the individual's wish. I will order my favourite and they go to their favourite. My wife changes her preferences from time to time.I think this is a very common phenomenon in many families.
    I am a south Indian preferred eater. What about you?
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    For me the vegetable fried rice is the most preferred food and in rotis I like the stuffed Naan. When ever I go to the functions and parties, if these two items are there, I would be the happiest person to eat and get satisfied.
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    I like to eat and enjoy everything that is available in the menu card. I bite every non vegetarian dish that doesn't bite me back. While I like all the non veg stuff, my wife prefers only fish items. My children give me company and enjoy all food that are available to us. While in Kochi, we used to schedule programme for the week and we decide which hotel or restaurant to visit in that week.
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    Being a confirmed diabetic, now my choices are limited though I give company to my family members while eating outside. However, my personal choice is south Indian dishes as the same contain comparatively lesser calories and are healthier also to eat, besides being tastier.

    When we are in US at San Jose where my children live, we experiment with world cuisine. During my last visit besides north Indian and South Indian food, we tried Caribbean, Mexican, Thai, Japanese and Ethiopian cuisine.

    At home also, uttapam is my preferred breakfast item.

    Earlier we used to go out for relishing famous non-vegetarian cuisine of Lucknow e.g. biryani, kababs and such other things.

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    For me, Chicken Biriyani is the food which I like the most. Especially in the evening, I would like to make Chapathi and vegetable curries. Vegetable Rice with local spices will also a good taste for me. I don't prefer to go out for food as I prepare food at home. Preparing food is also an art which needs more patience and will to prepare.
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    I prefer North-Indian food. I am a big fan of Chole Bhature. Rice is my all time favorite. So, I would also sometimes go for Aloo Paratha as that fills up the stomach completely.
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    When we eat outside, I think that instead of eating what we like and what we have eaten already, we should try out other dishes. I personally believe, when it comes to food, ignorance is a chance lost. So, when we eat outside, I try and other North Indian or Chinese dishes or anything apart from South Indian ( which I have regularly at home).
    There have been a couple of times when the dish has not lived up to my expectations, but generally, I find pleasant surprise. The other day, we had a soup-salad in a big round bun ( this acts like the container) whose top has been cut off, that tasted unique. So, I think, if time and health permits we should be bold to experiment. We can always check with the restaurant staff with regards to the spicy nature and adjust it if possible.

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    Although I am a fan of South Indian dishes like Sambhar Dosa but still the Khichadi along with some dry fried vegetable would be a good choice for me. But for a change I would also like to visit the local dhabha or a restaurant.

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    I like Both veg and non-veg food like chole bhature, chicken biryani, allu paratha, burger, pizza, dalbati, pavbhaji etc. I think for eating dhaba is the best then a restaurant. Meggi is my also my fav. food.

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