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    Do you have a habit of browsing on internet about medicines and diseases?

    Nowadays, it has become almost customary to browse on internet for finding solutions to any problem which we encounter in our day to day life. Many people have a habit of researching on internet about any medical condition troubling them instead of going to medical professionals for consultation.

    I too have such a habit. I often browse on internet about medicines prescribed by the doctors to know about their dosage, side effects and such other information.

    But there is a flip side also of such habit. Often on reading about diseases, we start suspecting that we are suffering from some very serious disease.

    Do you have a habit of browsing on internet about medicines and diseases?
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    In our day to day life, we can see that People are most affected by the diseases which they are not able to treat properly. When a person in the family affects a severe disease, the family members need to stand with him. Try to consult with a doctor who gives specialized treatment for your family member. For me, I always try browsing for diseases which are affected by people which haven't cured.
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    Yes, even I also have the same habit. When a doctor recommends a new medicine to any of my family member, I always browse on the internet first. The reason could be as we are so sure that Google is giving us the best possible results and we will not be misled. However, in case of some deadly and troublesome diseases, it will not be a good habit to take medicines as per the google results. So, we should always consult a doctor before taking any medicine. Its good to have the knowledge and information about things, but with the recommendation of the doctor.
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    No. I don't do that. But my sons and daughters in law will always do this. It is better not to have half knowledge in any case. Especially it is very important in this field. By seeing on the internet some with the half knowledge we imagine the diseases very serious and unnecessarily we will get confused.
    After getting the diagnostic reports many starts reading the specifications and compare the result with specifications and get confused a lot. I personally feel that as far as the health and medicines are concerned we should have a comprehensive knowledge of all factors put together. But now what we do is an individual problem will be seen on the internet and make wrong conclusions. This is always better to go to a qualified doctor and get his advice and do accordingly.

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    It is a good practice to check the details of the drugs on the internet. I feel so because, our time with doctors at a consultation is less, especially if it's a specialist. This means very little time to check the drugs and its interactions.
    Browsing the internet for information about disease or surgery etc should be done carefully. One should often choose the information for patients as this gives you a more balanced view of the problem.
    For instance, if you google an inguinal hernia, a common condition, you will get too much of information but the same if you google patient information brochure or leaflets from many hospitals, you can see the difference in language, in the message conveyed etc.

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    Normally we go to our family doctor of long standing and having greater trust with him. In that case we must believe him completely and follow the advise and even the medicines regularly without any kind of doubt. By the way when we are not having the exact idea of our disease and its causes, how can we doubt the doctor and his medicines. By verifying the credentials of the medicines thus prescribed, we are confusing ourselves and loosing trust on our family doctor. Moreover some medicines prescribed by the doctor would have been new and have no mention in the internet about its details. So we should not confuse on the doctors credential and his prescribed medicines.
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    I am dead against this type of habit. In the internet the common matters are given about the disease,medicine and treatment. But based on that if one comes to a conclusion about his health, it is haphazard only and he or she cannot be convinced by any doctor whatever may be highly qualified he is. According to a doctor well known to me even BP is not common to all and the minimum maximum will vary to person to person. A friend of mine who is from America fought with the doctor of Chennai on his treatment of his father with his computer knowledge. But to the God's Grace the doctor was very kind enough to explain him about the situation of his father, ailment and definition/notes given in computer.

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