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    Do you eat salad regularly as an integral part of your meals?

    We often discuss about the importance and significance of eating salad regularly as an integral part of our meals and we know that it contains all types of vitamins, minerals and fibers. However, I have noticed that practically most of the people don't eat salads regularly.

    What are your observations in this regard? You you eat salad regularly with each of your meals? What are your preferred salad items?
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    Salad is one of the integral part of a meal. We can make a variety of salads and consume along with our meals or just before meals. Some people who are on diet prefer to have salads only. How far it can benefit , I am not sure. But yes, I like to make salads and a variety of fruits and veggies are available to make salads at home. Some salads need some dressing with myonaise and oil to enhance the taste.
    Some of the best salads are made by using vegetables like cucumber, carrot, radish, capsicum, beetroot,green onions and tomatoes.
    Sprouts too are used in salads. They taste well with a dash of pepper and salt and some lemon juice.
    My favourite salad is cucumber and mint. The combination is super when some lemon juice is added to it.

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    Generally, when we come from a traditional family our food habits will depend on the habit of our parents. In our house salads are not made regularly during our childhood and student life. We have a habit of eating onions with pickle mixed rice. But slowly our habits are changed. Now we like eating a lot of salads. We eat daily in the dinner onion, tomato, cucumber and carrot pieces with the dinner. We will have a few drops of lemon om this salad. This has become a regular habit these days. Sometime we will have sprouts also and we use garlic in the curries and dal.
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    The salad is one of the important items which we need for our lunch and dinner. It helps to give proteins and vitamins to our body and also helps to refresh our mind and body. In the foreign countries, we can see that they do not eat too much rice or spices and often eat soups or salads which helps in their digestion system. In India, most of the people eat rice as the main course and it continues to eat in the night, so it makes it difficult for digestion and we cannot sleep properly. We need to reduce the amount of rice which we consume and try to include vegetables and salads which helps to improve our diet and health. Try to have food which is less in calorie, so that we don't consume more weight. Mixing salads and bread is a good combination and it will suit the people of all ages.
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    Although I don't like salad, my wife always insists on taking the salad. So, I have to consume salad regularly, if not everyday.

    Onion is my favourite and most frequently used salad item.

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    Yes I eat salad at the time of having dinner. I eat salad only at the time of dinner. I eat salad because I like the taste and combination of onion, tamato with adding lemon and make it spicy. Salad can makes our weight loss if we eat it daily. Eating a salad before your meal will fill you up and reduce the amount of high-calorie food you eat during main course and your overall calorie intake during that meal. From a digestive standpoint, it is actually much better to eat the foods that digest more quickly before the foods that take a little longer to digest. This way food will easily flow through your digestive system and prevent digestive issues like bloating or gas. Vegetables digest quickly so they should be first.

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    Surely salad is not a definite and sure menu or the starter for many and it is taken occasionally or during any big function and lavish parties. During marriages it is customary to have a salad sections and where in all kinds of vegetable and fruits salad are kept so that the guests can help themselves and have it. In the home at the most we are habituated to have the pieces of onion as the salad and some tomatoes if required. But I have seen in many hotels i Delhi that they keep the salad first when ever a guest comes to the table and then seek the order, that kind of practice we cannot find anywhere.
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    It is true that in formal feasts/wedding parties elaborate tables are laid with a variety of salad items and people pick too a piece or two fashionably but here we are discussing about the practice of eating salad regularly as a part of our meals.

    Occasionally taking onions, green chillies, tomatoes, cucumber etc. is different than the regular practice of preparing salad daily. I have noticed that in Indian families, generally a very decorative salad dish is prepared when some important guest visits for lunch or dinner,

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