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    The problem still persists. It is worse than before.

    Dear ISC and Members,
    Just refer to my THREAD

    The problem still continues and it worsened. After typing the text in the message box, if I forget to copy it and click submit button, I am taken to login page. And after login, when I come back to the message box, I find it missing.

    Is ISC doing something to sort out this problem?
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    For this, you may have to go back for two steps, that is, after login, if you press backspace it will go to login page and again another backspace will lead you to the forum thread with your message and if you press submit button this time, the response will be posted. It is not a problem with the site but with connectivity. Even for me today and yesterday happened and I have done as I have told in this response and I have posted the response.
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    Yes, It happens at certain times and you need to type the content and must copy before you hit the submit button. Likewise, it makes it easier when you again login to the page. Usually, it happens when we are not active for 5 or 10 minutes. Try to make a copy of the content in Microsoft Word, so that you can refer the content and can copy the text to the page.
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    Since morning it is terrible. I have been typing each and every response at least thrice.
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    Today, so far it's been good for me after a long time nearing 90 points but had no issues with logouts. Is it the timing and the high traffic/overload?

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    Even I am also facing such problems and it is not a technical glitch to be sorted out by ISC. Clear history of the browsing data and check the 'clear cache'. it would sort out the problem and update your browser. Meantime when you have to re-login while working, get logged in and press the back button while you will get the login page again. Again you go back to the back page by pressing the back button (left arrow on the webpage pane), now you will get the already typed matter. you can append it or straight way post it by clicking 'Submit response ' label.

    It regularly happens to me while working on ISC and I do the same thing. In fact, this is the same one which Ms.Saroja wanted to convey exactly in her response. While editing also, we face similar problems. However, the matter would be brought to the notice of the WM for suggesting remedial action,if any.


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    Now there is an improvement I think. Even after working for half an hour and stopping for 15 minutes without logging out, I am maintaining the log in position. I have observed yesterday and today. Let us observe for some more time.
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