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    The trend of web series

    We all must be watching one or the other web series, as an alternative to the daily soaps.

    Web series to define are basically some kind of short series which are created in 3 to 4 episodes, usually one-time watch. They also give some nice message through their creation. Some of the famous serious I have watched are the Permanent roommates, The Little Things, and Girl in the city. All of them actually describe reality.

    Everything has gone so much on the web, that in spite of spending time on a boring movie, people would prefer to watch a web series and freshen up their mind. Among the series mentioned above, I have watched the Little things a lot. Because it described all the happiness and fights between two people in love and relationship. It told how every little thing matters in the relationship and how two people make it work and going. I feel they give a good direction to the viewers in terms of the content they show.

    Have you also watched any web series?
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    I am also told by my friends and relatives that some web series in different languages are being shown in short duration and it is worth watching. These series are made by the first time qualifiers from the Film institute after getting trained and thus each such series are the testimony of their learned skills theoretically and the series would show case their practical knowledge. If the web series seems to be good, then they can attempt original soap operas on the television and they will get the slots even in prime time. That is why young girls and boys are aspiring to cast their web series seriously.
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    So far I am not aware of web series and therefore don't watch it. By the way, where these can be watched, I mean on which channel?
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    Web series are sponsored by some like amazon prime and recently I have watched is Breathe casting Madhavan. There was very much news about it two months back as he had come out with promotion also and many interviews and articles around it also as he is the first cine actor to go for web series.

    Nice to be in ISC and feel the difference.

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    So far I have not watched any web series. Now we were given the information about it. So we will try to see it. But as far as I know, these web series are not available free of cost. We have to subscribe to the series I think. Amazon prime also is only for members who subscribed for the same. If any free web series is available it can be informed by the known members so that the interested can try it and if found suitable they can subscribe to many more.
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    Yes, It is true that short time web series are available on Amazon Prime and Netflix. It helps to break some stress from our work. I haven't watched any short time web series and I prefer to for Amazon Original serials which goes from seasons to seasons. The Scandals is one of the series which I have watched on the Amazon Prime. It shows the story of major things happened at the Presidentship of George Washington Bush.
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    I have not seen so called web series and in fact it is a new thing to me. I thank author to bring out this information in the forum section so that people like me can also be benefitted.

    From the description I understand that it is some kind of short film and I have seen many in youtube or other sites. In what way this web series is different from those short films , I am not able to comprehend. Is it the quality and class production along with a super theme?

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    The quality of these mini movie like production is good and this appeals to the newer audience. The story, the costumes and the trendy pace is so different from the regular serials we are used to watch. Most importantly, the web series do not drag along for months and months.
    I liked the web series 'Breathe' which has Madhavan and is based on organ transplant issues. If the current trend continues and people like it more, then many of the stars (a little past their peak for an hero or a heroine role) from the movie and TV industry would slowly gravitate to the web-series.

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    On viewing the responses posted by fellow authors, I came to know that most of us are not familiar with the concept of 'web series'. I , therefore, studied about web series and sharing what I could decipher.

    Nowadays, with the availability of high speed internet, watching streaming movies/serials is becoming popular. Such services are offered by companies like Netflix, Amazon Prime etc. The viewers have to pay prescribed subscription fee for accessing the library containing thousands of movies and serials. The service provider companies produce their own movies/serials also which are known as 'originals' . In this system instead of waiting for the time and day of broadcast, the customers can view movie/serial of their choice any time 24X7.

    Television serial types of episodes produced by these companies of shorter duration are called 'web series'.

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    Thank you for the information Kailash sir. Yes, these are all scripted short stories/movies. I am glad to see so many responses on this shorter topic, thank you, everyone. Most of the web series is available on the youtube. As I have also watched from the same resource. So, you can just open youtube type, web series, and will automatically get names of some nice ones... The ones I mentioned are old and there are many new upcoming web series also like 'Flames'. I heard about this yesterday only, so I am going to watch it.
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