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    Do you get irritate when you are watching old film songs and the children wants to shift the channel

    Now a days except Vividh Bharathi, we cannot get old songs on radio and the so called FM radios are airing only new songs and wont care the old golden melodious songs. Some times , we do come across old songs in some music channels. I would love to watch old tamil, telugu and hindi songs. But the children wont like it and they want to shift to the new songs channel. That really annoys and irritates me. Old songs have melody, rhythm, and above all lyrics would have meaning and connect with our life. Not such feelings with new songs. Do you agree ?
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    I don't watch old movies. In fact, I don't watch movies. So, I don't get irritated for this reason. But my wife and my daughter sometime get irritated with me when I decline to watch tv with them.

    So far as old songs are concerned, many FM channels broadcast these at late night.

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    The author can watch melodious songs of old movies on YouTube on his smartphone or computer wearing a earphone. In this manner the family members will remain happy and no dispute regarding channel to be watched will arise.
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    It is good to watch such old songs on youtube channels or just search on Google for such old songs and you will get the detailed list of it. Sometimes it gets irritating when the children shift the channels. When my Cousin's reach home they tend to shift the channels to new one. I encourage them and always love to spend some time with them.
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    It is a common problem in many families. Wife wants to watch a channel, children wants to watch another channel and husband wants another channel. To avoid this problem we have two TVs with dish connection in the house. But majority of times both the TVs will be off only.
    These days we have many ways and means to view or hear any song or programme there are many avenues. You can watch you tube on your Smart Phone. You can hear songs by downloading on your smart phone and even you can watch live TV on your smart phone and hear radio on your phone. So there is no necessity of getting worried for these issues. Many of the people while travelling will go on hearing the music with both the ear phones in their ears and attach the other end to their cell phone.

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    Sorry mohan Ji, FM channels are rather playing songs either old or new, they are just chatting chatting.....getting bored by tuning FM. In big radio set only we can get Vivid Bharathi rely. In Tamil I can watch old movies and songs of old movies in the channel Sun Life and Murasu. Coming back to your question, I made trained my brother's daughter who is the only child in our house to watch old movies and songs, She is very much interested to watch movies of Shivaji Ganesan and MGR rather than anything. So, I am not getting disturbed in our house.

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    What the author has expressed is a concern but there are possible changes which can't be denied too. So it's good to keep ourselves according to the time & enjoy.

    In just the opposite scenario wherein the small children can get annoyed too when the grown ups do as per their style & taste. Often the grown-ups do objections to the various activities of their child so in here the child would get irritated of your behavior.

    Simple is the case here that stop irritating them & they will stop irritating you. There is a famous saying that "as you sow so shall you reap".

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    Each one in the family are different, I love to watch the news, parents love to watch serials,so there would always be a scuffle for the remote. Already in many homes, school going children have a limit on the time they spend in front of the TV. If I were in the author's place, I would make way for the children, let them be happy watching their favorite cartoon or song/dance competition. If we try to argue, they would not understand the meaning of the songs and our wishes. Moreover, this is the holiday season for the children. There would always be another ways and means to watch the songs. If the senior member of the family insists on watching what he or she wants, the children would label them as grumpy grandpa or grump uncle.

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    As all other Members have mentioned, nowadays we can enjoy old and melodious songs on Youtube and FM channel. In fact, I enjoy old songs (Bengali, Assamese, Hindi, Panjabi and Urdu) on Youtube as and when I wish. I don't watch TV and so there is not much dispute in my residence on this issue.
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    Old people loves watching a old movies but because of their childrens they cannot watch old movies and they have to change a channel. Nowdays, you can watch Tv online in your cell phone if you have internet connection. You can either connect with your pc and enjoy the movie. You can also watch through youtubes. There are also old movies uploaded. You can listen old songs by FM radio also. There are many ways nowdays to watch old movies instead watching on a Tv.

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    It is obvious and may be that is why we have android phones in our hand. Why to watch idiot box! when you have smart phone in your hand. It is natural that the taste are different person to person. Since I am using smart phones, the TV has no importance to me. Whether a cricket match or songs, movie or news, I put ear plug and enjoy what I like. If you too start using it the way, you may not get frustration, in fact you can enjoy better that way because no one will disturb your continuity.

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