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    "Demonetization a failure and GST is a nightmare" -Subramanya Swamy

    BJP's top leader Mr.Subramanya Swamy in his address to Annual Indian business conference told demonetization a failure and GST is a night mare. The Indian economic performance is far away from what is expected at 2014 election's time. Still BJP can win 2019 elections on the plank of removal of whatever corruption remained after BJP assuming Office. It also will promise in the next elections it is not against minorities and will continue its fight for united India. While Mr.Modi and other BJP leaders announced demonetization and GST as great success
    But Mr.Swamy is known to be a person who speaks anything very frankly opined differently from BJP cadre. Do you support the opinions expressed by Mr.Swamy? What is your verdict about demonetization and GST?
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    I fail to understand the intention of the author in bringing out something that happened one and half years ago, again and again, Hasn't the topic become terribly boring? How many more times will the Editor allow Forum post on the same subject?
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    The statement was made by Mr.Subrahmanya Swamy two days ago while attending the 14th. Annual India Business Conference at Columbia Business School. Be chastened by the statement of Mr. Swamy who declared that the "Demonetisation" a failure and "GST" a nightmare.
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    This is the view expressed by top BJP leader most recently in New York business conference. He categorically told the banning of currency notes is a failure even then Indian people never mind it. Regarding GST the nation is totally unprepared for GST and the business people thinking GST as an act of Tax terrorism. We have to admit GST as failure. This news came on 9th of this month on all National and International news media. Till now BJP made us to believe both are great success. Is Swamy's speech indicate there is a second thought about their success in BJP's mind is the question.

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    Even the opposition parties are not raising these two issues so frequently nowadays. But in this platform, the frequency of raising this issue has not decreased. Why don't we find some other issues to criticize the present Central Government? That would surely be little bit more interesting.
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    What Dr. Subramanyaswamy said is nothing but truth. Demonetization is a failure that made many politicians and bank staff rich. It was a poor execution of demonetization. Many bundles of new currencies have reached the lockers of politicians and bank authorities and staff. GST has made the common man to suffer.
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    Just today I read a newspaper report that cash is king and currency notes are at the highest in circulation (indirectly hinting that the digital economy and the demonetization has not had much of impact). The drive of demonetization can good in principle but after some time things are back to normal. There have been scores of accounts with deposits which need investigations by the IT department, hopefully, if it reveals many unaccounted deposits, then we can say that demonetization was a success. The initial reports also mentioned about the dent on terrorism in Kashmir, this also has increased after a brief pause. May be we need a series of demonetization drives every few years.

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    The Demonetization and GST are utter failures of BJP Government. When Demonetization happened they didn't take proper steps to curbs the problems of the banks. Most of the Notes were in pending status and many of the BJP members who knew it early took off their money from Indian Banks and invested somewhere else. GST is also another nightmare which was not studied properly. Even Now the Merchants are finding it difficult to file for the GST returns. The BJP Government didn't take effective steps in managing the problems of the people. Even in the 2019 elections the BJP Government will fail for not able to manage the word which was given by the Narendra Modi.
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    MR. Natarajan, why do you want to create nightmares for us? Take pity on us and do not wish for more demonetizations every few years.
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    We have to understand the plus and minus points of demonization and GST. Where they failed and where they gained. We can not blindly say that they are unsuccessful or great moves of present Govt.

    To understand these things we have to study basic economics and basic finance so that we can understand how our Govt earns revenue and how it plans to spend them. How these are going to increase the tax collections and decreasing the black money in the country. If we understand these things then only our comment that these initiatives are useless or helpful for the economy of our country can have some weight.

    Just that some influential person in political circle told something does not mean that we have to believe it as it is.

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    The Demonetization and GST are the two subjects on which different people having different views. I have read many articles on these two subjects. Different authors expressed their views and their political affiliations are very clear in those write-ups. Evert action taken will have both positives and negatives. Some people always talk about only negatives and some will raise only positives. So we need not say any issue as a failure completely. My personal observation is cash transactions, especially in real estate business, have comedown after demonetization. I have seen many transactions in which 100 % transactions were made online. Coming to GST, many people even today are not clear about GST. For a business house, they are not finding any difference and it has become a single window transaction, unlike earlier days which is a good development for the business people.
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    Whatever the Modi-haters say, the fact is demonetization has been widely accepted by common people. The initial problem has been ironed out within three months. So far as GST is concerned, in every two months, the GST council is reviewing the tax rate and necessary corrective measures are being taken. Within maximum one year, the difficulties will be sorted out and this very necessary reform mainly for the benefit of states will be firmly on the track.

    But Modi-haters will go on shouting finding other excuses.

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    Subramanyam Swamy has the right to speak from his heart, but that is not the line and acceptance of the party to which he belongs. Demonetization was a bold step and the results of which would be known in the coming general elections when all the political parties would be tied down to spend less and the poll expenses would be largely curtailed. Likewise benefits of GST can be fully seen and experienced by next financial year and that is for sure. So wait and watch.
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    What Mr.Swamy told is true with regarding GST and if the tax collection become less, Central government attack the people with more taxes periodically. Already we the consumers are heavily affected by the taxes levied on Petrol and diesel by Center elsewhere in any country of the World.
    Mr.Mohan already in the recent session of Parliament without any debate in the din of proceedings government passed royally the bill with funding of political parties by foreign companies. So they opened gates for foreign funding widely which makes political parties and politicians are slaves for the companies. Political experts strongly saying BJP party who promised to bring a complete transparency in political funding and electioneering process is completely going against what it preached before it come into power. May be they want to establish themselves permanently in power even at the cost of anything.

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    Political funding from foreign companies were happening in past also but now it is legalised and the companies which funds have the upper hand to dictate terms to the government during every budget and gets favour.
    K Mohan
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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