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    Do you welcome Saadhu's to take part in politics or stick only to religious practices?

    Recently Madhya Pradesh CM has given five cabinet rank posts to Saadhu's I his government. Usually Saadhu's used to practice religious activities and preachings. In UP Mr.
    Aditya Nath trying to introduce more Saadhu's in political stream. Even though there is no ban of Saadhu's to involve politics because of their hard core belief in religious thinking may affect common people as some of them may follow other religious practices. Saadhus can do good to the people by showing good ways to religious practices and through their preachings. So do you think involvement of Saadhu's
    in politics will better Indian politics or not?
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    Yes, I heartily welcome the participation of Sadhus in Indian politics. Politics in India has become excessively dirty and only the Sadhus can purify it. How much dirty the politics has become, Karnataka Chief Minister Siddharamaiah, West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata, RJD Chief Laloo and Delhi Chief Minister Kejriwal are examples of that.

    Now only the Sadhus can bring back the lost glory of the country by purifying politics.

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    The five Sadhu Maharaj of Madhya Pradesh in question are given the Minister status as an appeasement. They planned a campaign against the Madhya Pradesh Government. It was against the alleged irregularities in the plantation of trees along the Narmada river bank. The campaign is named 'Narmada Ghotala Yatra'. Now that they are given the status of a Minister, the proposed campaign from 01-04-2018 was canceled. The elections to the State Assembly are due in few months time. This serves as appeasement for the Sadhus and also polarisation of votes. We have to wait and see whether these appeasements and polarisation tactics work or not.
    The Sadhus may not be of much use in politics. They better stick to their own work.

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    Sadhus have great following than the political leaders and they highly influence the society with their words and deeds. Good that Narmada river would be purified , thanks to the effort of MP government in giving Minister status to Sadhus to device ways and means to protect the river Narmada from being further polluted. Sadhus are non political persons and they have their own principles and policies through which they attract their crowd and their ardent followers are ready to do anything for the society. So nothing wrong to appoint Sadhus and other need not get panicked with Sadhus elevation.
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    It is not the cabinet rank, but Shivraj Singh led BJP government in Madhya Pradesh has accorded Minister of State status to five Hindu religious leaders. They are Computer Baba, Bhaiyyuji Maharaj, Narmadanandji, Hariharanandji and Pandit Yogendra Mahant.

    With the next assembly elections due within a year, the BJP government is facing anti-incumbency factor and the congress is desperate to return to power in Madhya Pradesh. BJP is ruling the state since last 14 years and therefore a desire for change is gradually gaining strength.

    In such a context the BJP government is leaving no stone unturned to win the Madhya Pradesh. According MoS status to the sadhus is one such desperate step to woo the Hindu majority voters.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    It is a step to promote Hardcore Religious beliefs through Saadhu. Most of the people follow them due to their beliefs. The BJP is continuously in power and now they felt that their position is at stake and are trying to make a position for Saadhu. These people are Religious persons with more Hindu beliefs and we cannot put such people to power, because it can harm cultural diversity of our country. Our Country is having more Minority caste living here and there and promoting only one caste cannot have any progress for the nation.
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    Actually, a sadhu is a sage. He should not have any interest in worldly issues. His sole aim should be to attain Moksha. They should lead a life which will stand as an example to other citizens and they should come into action and see that people will go on the wrong path when the things going from bad to worse. But these days the politicians are also trying to use them as tools for getting the votes from the devotees of those sadhus. If you see many of the Seers from South they never take part in active politics. Only they will try to maintain harmony among the people. The works put up by late Kanchi seer in resolving the Ayodhya issue are praised by many but unfortunately, he is not successful. But the politicians are not leaving them. They are going to them to get Hindu votes and after coming out they are giving different statements to attract other religion people. As long as the voter keep politics in relation to religion these gimmicks will continue I think.
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    Sadhu is a person who practices abstinence from worldly pleasures to focus more on spiritual practice. The Sadhus who are entering the politics are forgetting this. Take the example of Adityanath, the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh. He is trying to withdraw cases on his party workers. Recently, the Chief Minister Adityanath initiated measures to drop rape charges against another Swamiji who was a Former Minister. The Sadhu politicians are neither doing justice to their stature as Sadhus and in politics resorting to cover up the cases doing injustice to the victims. The Sadhus should remain Sadhus and do not enter into another avatar as politicians.
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    Sadhus are the backbone of our religious system. They are the people responsible for not letting down our religion by external forces.

    Sadhus when given a political opportunity become very effective for that party as they are expert in motivating people in the direction of desired political ideology and naturally the parties will like to take mileage out of this.

    Knowledge is power.

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    I don't find any objection here for the MP government giving the official posting to the sadhus to their ministry. Those sadhu were already working for the cause of cleaning river & now seems to be that these are now well focused with a separate department looking after their allocation.

    The overall job for the government is to look after the speedy job of the respective tasks & taking the updates whenever possible so as to complete the task in a given time limit.

    We have seen the goons being in power so this shouldn't be the big deal if we see the sadhus on these posts.

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    We are traditionally being brought up with the ideas of good and bad and associate people and their profession with it. But things have changed a lot. In today's world, we associate corruption with government offices, politicians as corrupt people who do not keep up their promises. Now, we are associating banks with bad loans and corrupt practices.

    If we see many politicians, their declared incomes are in excess of many crores and some of them have many court cases and criminal charges pending. Some of the rowdy-sheeters who worked for politicians a few years later become politicians themselves. So, I see no harm in trying at least to get Sadhus in some political posts. This could be viewed as an appeasement policy or an attempt at change, as long as the job is done, no harm.

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    From the above discussion, we can say that most of the members think that the sadhus (i.e., Hindu religious leaders) will bring a fresh air of transparency and forthrightness in dirty Indian politics.
    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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