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    What a great Chief Minister!

    Most of us have surely forgotten Kargil. After all, as worshippers of non-violence, we must forget the painful episodes of war! But let some of us try to remember. Indian Army's first success after many unsuccessful attempts was at Tololing. Rajputana Rifles scripted the victory at Tololing. The victory at Tololing changed the course of the entire battlefield and the infiltrators were kicked out by July, 1999 from all Indian positions. The Commanding Officer of 2nd Rajputana Rifles was Col. MB. Ravindranath, who was instrumental for the victory at Ttololing.

    This gallant son of Karnataka was living in Bengaluru after his retirement. He left this world on 8th April after suffering a massive heart attack. The entire State Government ignored this great hero of the state. No state respect was given to him.

    On the other hand, a woman journalist who was assassinated a year ago by unknown miscreants, was given state respect. She used dirty languages against the state, the country the leadership. Due to her extreme dirty language, she was the cynosure of the eyes of liberals and anti-nationals. After her death, her body was cremated with state honour. But a gallant Army Officer, a pride for Karnataka, has been ignored by the Chief Minister.

    What a great Chief Minister he is!
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    Giving state honour to woman journalist is nothing wrong when an actress gets state honour

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    Sir, is it necessary to give State honour to such journalists who openly preach anti-India sentiments? Although I don't support giving actors or actresses State honour, at least the actress never indulged in anti-India activities.
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    Initially, the union government used to decide as to in which cases state funeral has to be observed but the laws has now been changed and the state governments can decide who will be given a state funeral. Because of such reasons, more local politics has crept in nowadays and influential people are taking it as a status symbol to get state funerals. The state funeral of Sridevi was much discussed in the media and criticised also by few.

    However, the author of the thread is talking about 'state respect', not state funeral. I think in the case of a journalist, the reason is obvious. The Chief Minister simply wanted to please the media as a whole to win a soft corner.

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    We live in a country where the people who need to get credit are avoided and ones who have not done anything are getting more honors and awards. Here an Army Officer has done a great effort for fighting back in the War. During these times, it was difficult to adjust because of heavy firing happened in Kargil. More soldiers were Martyred and finally got success. On the other hand, the woman journalist who was murdered was the famous one in the circle, so sympathies pour for her. The Karnataka Government needs to think and give credit to people who do great things for the country.
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    The person who made India to win was ignored by the state government. Probably by giving state honours to him the state ruling party may not get any additional votes I suppose. So CM is not in a mood to show any reaction to him.
    But if a journalist that to who was criticising the government is ignored means the media will create a problem to him saying that he ignored her because she criticized the government. It may be made an issue by the so called human rights protectors and socialists. This whole issue may result in some loss of votes. So CM don't want to take a chance.
    We all know nothing will go against CM even though he will not show any concern for a solider. In our country the people who are taking care of the nation is not very important as they are salaried employees and to follow the protocols. As long as the tolerance of the people is in tact these people can do whatever they wanted. An actor has been given state honour, ok no problem. A journalist was given no problem. Tomorrow they may give for X or Y or Z. No problem. But it is not good to ignore the deserving cases. Let us pray the people in power will do at least this much to a person who struggled for the country.

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