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    A signature is a picture of a person in a distinctive way

    Yesterday, I had to sign a document. After affixing my signature, one guy intervened and said that my signature was not my name. It is a different name. I don't sign by writing my full name but a short name in a peculiar way that cannot be forged or duplicated.

    The meaning of signature is - a person's name written in a distinctive way, used in signing a document, letter etc. It is a distnictive product or quality by which someone or something can be recognized.

    My signature is a clear but confusing one. My signature can be read and my name can be partially identified. However, no one can duplicate my signature. How do you sign? Can someone read your signature and get your right name?
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    Signature need not depict the name fully or even part. Many I am seeing signing in a scribbled way. I have also experienced similarly. When I was in college a self-cheque was given by my uncle for withdrawal of some amount and asked me to hand over the money in the house. I went to the bank branch situated in the college campus and gave cheque for amount after signing(as I was studying commerce, I have been guided by my professor in such cases). But the bank cashier denied to give cash as my signature was not clear as per my name (I used to sign in a semi scribbled after first part of my name). I argued that I cannot change my signature as he pleased and that was my signature. He forwarded this matter to the manager of the branch but to my rescue my HOD came there to draw money. He got cleared the information and told the manager that the signature need not depict the name and if he is not satisfied he (banker or objecting person) would ask proof of identity. By satisfying with the HODs information the manager paid me the amount on that day. Afterwards also I have not changed my style of signing.

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    The signature is specific to the person. It can always better to have it as complicated as possible so that no one can duplicate it. Some people make it very difficult and some people simply may write as their name goes. The strokes, the cuttings will be specific and it will become his specific only.
    My signature is not very complicated and at the same time, it is not very easy also. By seeing my signature no one can make up my full name. It is very difficult to understand the full name. But duplicating my signature is not that difficult. By closely following twice or thrice while I am signing one can copy it but no one can get the full name with initials.

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    A signature is a person's Identity to legally sanction a document or a particular thing. It cannot be changed and from the High School, What signature which we have followed we need to continue with it. Some People's signature will be in a complicated manner and it will be difficult to understand it. Some Signature's of the people is of 45 angle degree and some believe it cannot be copied or forged.
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    There are so many ways to find out one's full name and one need not try hard to read the signature and the initials.

    Signatures are among the most important things that prove one's claim to his or her identity. It also reflects, the character, attitude and outlook of the person. Like handwriting experts, signatures also can be analysed. My signature is relatively easy to reproduce, if there is a good talent on the wrong side of the law, most signatures can be duplicated easily for a price.

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    In Hindi language, signature is called 'hastakshar' which literally means 'hand written letters'.

    Since the hand written letters are generally unique in case of each individual, the 'hastakshar' is used to identify the person concerned. Such letters need not be the only the name of the person concerned.

    In case of illiterate persons thumb impressions are still used to recognise the person concerned.

    I think instead of writing any other letter or word, writing his/her own name was preferred as signature as in this manner it was possible to ensure that on each occasion same letters/words are written.

    Allowing any combination of letters/words as signature is fraught with danger of the person concerned writing different letters/words on different occasion.

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    How we move & the way we write something shows the reflection of our overall personality. By your appearance anyone can judge about the different ways in which we react to a certain situation. So is the case with our signature too.

    The way one write his or her signature is unique & so difficult to copy but I do feel that the same is not impossible.

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