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    Are we in developed status?

    In our school days we used to walk a distance of three kilometers for schools as there was no proper transportation - my uncle told once about his schooling during 1940's.
    It was the day when Justice Muthusamy Iyer did his schooling by studying his lessons only in the street light as houses were not having electricity - my mother told about the earlier period of our seniors.
    When I went to my periamma's(mother's sister)village in the year 1970's there was no proper road and the approaching road to the agraharam(village street) was with red sand and peeping stones.
    -----These are all our country's situation before some years. But now as a developed country and having advancement in science with computers, mobiles televisions etc.,
    -----the villages are as such that is with similar un or under developed roads but with televisions and computers.
    -----even city roads are having good potholes - this can be realized when we travel in auto in almost all the city.
    ------Even in many cities electricity is not there even by having bulb and connection as power cut prevails the students do read as Justice Muthusamy iyer.
    -------------Many students,even small children, are moving for schools situated at a quite distance where the bus service is found poor. No Depot Manager or Transport authorities do attend this as many students suffering as anything to go to schools and return from schools. I am seeing daily in route number 27C at chennai small children students are returning home from T.Nagar to Thiruverkadu by almost sleeping or doing homework in the bus.

    Where is the development and for whom the development?
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    Usually, the development is happening only in urban areas and Road Transportations are very poor in Rural Areas. Most of the students come from a middle-class family where there will not be any development in that village. The government is only keen to develop the projects of their interest and most of the Ministers charge huge amount of money as their commission for the projects. In India If a businessman needs to start a business, first he will be looking whether there is a union or not, then only he will try to invest anything in the state. Most of the Infrastructure projects are in pending status and it needs to be fast-tracked for improving the Development of our country. Currently, India needs to develop in other Foreign countries, where the Roads and Transportation are crystal and clear.
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    The situation remains different for different regions. For example in the metropolitan areas like Delhi, you would found the things in their places. Although this wouldn't be 100% perfect but still in comparison to the less known cities. In the mean time & the point I start the day to my office & in the other locations as well I can find out the developmental jobs in quite a consistent speed. The status of electricity is also good & the local facilities has speed up too so that we need not to travel to the furthest of the locations in order to avail the facility. Metro has a good shape & also covering the remote areas also in the NCR.

    But in this comparison if we continue to differentiate with the other less developed areas then this wouldn't be justified as if we speak of development then this is the combination of different factors. When this comes to its best then the growth can be evident or else may take some more time to come into surface.

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    I feel there is a lot of development. In my primary school days, there was no current in my house and I used to read with a kerosene lamp only. Till I have completed my post graduation and joined in my Doctorate there was no fan in my house. 90% of the houses in the village were not having fans. But today all the houses are equipped with AC in the same village. We were going to our school by walking around 3 Kms for my high school studies. Today the bus is coming and picking up all high school and college students and dropping them just in the compound of the college or school. In AP in all the villages there is no power cut and in summer also the power cut is very limited. So I feel we should see the development in every aspect. but of course, there will be a lot more for development. Where is the end of it?
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    Development has happened in every part of India. I live in suburban areas and there are many villages. I observed the development all around. Good roads, meant of transportation, means of communication, electricity 24 hours, no power cuts (in MP), new colleges, schools in every small village, etc all these things show the development. If comparing our development with other countries we found that our development is lowe comparatively other developed countries. So, India is a developing country not in the category of developed country.
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    Consider various socio-economic parameter, it can be stated without doubt that India is still not a developed country and a large number of people are still living below poverty line and don't have access to basic necessities. We have walk a lot to become developed. At the same time, India has some of the richest people in the world and the progress in science and technology is spectacular.

    What a contrast India presents!

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    Officially India is still a developing country. Though we do see many changes compared to the past but still 'Dilli abhi door hai ' (the destination is still far).

    Today only, in the morning newspaper, I saw a report that the concerned authorities in Lucknow, the capital of the king making state of India, the Uttar Pradesh, are mulling over the idea of installing portable toilets to meet the target of getting it declared as ODF (Open Defecation Free) city.

    The main reason of its not being able to enter the club of the developed countries by having a highly developed economy and advanced technological infrastructure is its unabated growth of population which dilutes its progress. The political leadership with its myopic vision is not interested in doing anything for population control primarily because each birth means an additional voter of future.

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