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    What will you do when Power Failure happens at home between your work?

    Throughout the day we will be busy working in our home or at an office. Most of them finish their work in time. While you are working in company Power failure can happen, but there is a backup for doing the work in a smooth manner. At home, while you are busy working to complete a project, you forgot to save your work and Power failure happens and your work is interrupted. What will you do If Power Failure happens at home? What steps will you take to complete your work, If Power Failure happens?.
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    Usually we are carrying the inverters or the UPS now at our homes.

    In both the locations of my native place as well as in Delhi in a rented accommodation, I do have arrangements to carry out the jo bs even the times when there is consistency in electricity failure. So in the rarest of the rare cases that I may feel irritated otherwise there is no problem.

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    We have an inverter in our house. So if the power goes also automatically the power will be switched over to inverter connection. So we don't have any problem. Another advantage in Hyderabad is there are no [woer cuts. So very rarely this problem comes. so the chance of losing the work is very remote. These days many people in the houses they are keeping either inverter or UPS.
    But it will be very frustrating if we lose our work because of power failure. Everyone will feel very unhappy as they have to repeat the work.

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    Power failures were a major problem in summer especially a few years ago, now it is better. Earlier at home we have a small UPS enough for four tube lights. Now, we have at our homes we can sustain with a bigger UPS for a few hours. In the apartment, we get the power restored in a matter of couple of minutes. Generally working on laptops, there would be a back up charge in it that will give us enough time to save the documents and work. The desktop is already linked to UPS, so no issues.
    More than the work it is the heat in summer that becomes a issue to deal with during constant power cuts in homes that do not have UPS or backup generator power, it would become hot and humid.

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    As of now we have no power cuts and during early in the morning and late evenings there is absolutely no power cuts in Hyderabad and therefore I am not facing any problems as such.
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    In the locality where we reside at Lucknow, there is no power cut. Only occasionally power goes for sometime generally 10 to 15 minutes.

    However, we do have a two battery inverter which takes care of the short duration power cuts. We have fitted only LCD bulbs in our residence so that the inverter can take load of many for longer duration.

    As far as working on a laptop is concerned, in most of the laptops autosave system is provided. However, while working on an important project, one has to be extra-vigilant and arrange for an UPS at home also.

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    I live at Rampura a suburban area of Neemuch district of Madhya Pradesh. For last 8-10 year, we are not facing this type of problem. We are getting 24 hours power supply in M.P.. But before that period the power cut was a normal thing here and the best solution we used for that is to have invertor at your home. You can do your work without any difficulty if you have the inverter.
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    The irony today is that we have umpteen number of appliances for our smooth and comfortable life, which all run on electricity, but we face power shortage which make them useless many a time.
    For the minimal needs of lighting and essential fan for a few hours we have installed an inverter in our home.
    For my computer I was using a UPS, but very recently when it was most essential, the UPS also failed .

    Due to the inverter charging the current bill increases even when we supposed it to be less due to power failure frequently.
    In our place we have the lightning during rains and as precaution I disconnect even the inverter. So, on the whole we are not able to have a trouble free and tension free times. So when the power goes during rains and lightning, practically I stay power less until the lightning subsides.

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    Power cuts disrupt our routine life, even if it is for an hour or so. Especially when you have some official work and you don't have an inverter the work is postponed and tension mounts up. Let me give an example, last year I had to check a bundle of answer sheets and give them the next day, I corrected few papers and the power had gone. There is no giving excuses in such situations, work does suffer to a great extent I had to get up early and completed my work.
    I can imagine the plight of the students especially during examination time, if they do not have an alternate then they have to suffer.
    Although , in the present situation services have improved and power cuts are not too frequent in many big cities .

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    During my student days, the power failure was routine in Calcutta. I still remember that just before my B.Sc. (Part-I) examination in 1987, there was a power cut for continuous 48 hours. The electricity connection was restored at 3 a.m. on the day of my first examination. It was the month of May.

    When I came to Delhi, I had to suffer from power-cuts for 8-10 hours during peak summer season. It was a terrible and hellish experience. Fortunately, the locality where I live now does not witness any power-cut. Overall, the power-cut hours have come down all over India. I hope the power-cut hours become zero in near futture.

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