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    How the time was set in the first clock/watch made by humans?

    I prefer to set my watch by viewing time displayed in the news channels of television. However, the watch of television is also required to be set when it is started first time. Nowadays we have smartphones which automatically pick the location or time zone during international travels and set the time accordingly.

    However, I came across this amusing question in the social media as to how the time was set in the first clock/watch made by humans? How prior to development of mechanical clock, time used to be recorded?

    Was it possible to know the time in numbers like 05.00 PM by using a sand clock?
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    Before the Invention of Clocks, Calendar was used as a tracking device of time for counting the year of passing. Earlier the Astronomers used 12 lunar cycles in a year and they called it as Months. For finding the time, they used the Position of Sun and they used to record the High point of Sun and they set their clocks based on it.
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    Earlier days people used to calculate the time basing on the shadow sizes. My grandfather was finding the time by getting up in the night and going out to the street. Similarly, I have seen in a temple in East Godavari Dt. of Andhra Pradesh a construction called Palabha Machine. From this machine, we can know the time. The shadow of the Sun indicates the time here.
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    From the location of the sun or the longevity of the shadows can help us predict the time but for more accuracy we need to get involved ourselves with the nature. In the mean time we are too far from the nature & that's why we required to have the modern equipment like the smart phones or the clocks. During the earlier times of our existence we didn't have such equipment but still we were able to predict the time with precise calculation.

    The use Vedic mathematics in collaboration with the situation of the planets that we could predict well.

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    Very simple. When you stand under the sun facing east or west, and find no shadow of your's falling on the east or west, the time is exactly 1200 noon. This is used to set the time of the first clock that was made by the human, I think and believe.
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