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    What generally we preach but don't practice?

    All of us are human beings and therefore have human weaknesses. One such human weakness is our inability to practice few things though ostensibly we have to preach the same in presence of our family members, particularly children. It is just about the human weakness, nothing else.

    Let us recall what were the few things which generally could not actually practice.

    Was it about doing physical exercise regularly by rising early or not smoking/chewing tobacco etc.? Or was it about avoiding junk food or spending too much on shopping?
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    For me doing exercise on every day is very difficult and sometimes, I eliminate the exercise period. Yes, I know that to get fit, you have to do exercise but on sometimes it is difficult to do exercise. Sometimes my muscles and joints feel pain when doing exercises. I have consulted my doctor and have sought help from him.
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    What we peach is,
    1. limit your expenses according to your earnings.
    2. Honesty is the best policy.

    The above preaching are the most commons which each one us wants others to follow but hardly we want ourselves to follow the same.

    It's a completely different thing like using tobacco or eating junk food but yet again we refer others about not to do these. Adding, that getting wake up early in the morning & be consistent with the morning exercise is a good habit but again we become lazy when this comes us.

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    I don't smoke or drink.
    I generally will not tell lies.
    I generally get up early and I generally go to bed by 10 30 PM.
    I will not be late generally to any meeting.
    I regularly practice my physical exercise. By some reason, if I couldn't do it in the morning I will do it in the evening.
    I don't go for many sweets.
    But I tempted to go for eating junk food. This is one problem which I couldn't avoid.
    This instaed of eating outside food I am asking my wife to make snacks which I like in the house itself.
    So all the points I tell my sons to follow. But I never advise them about junk food as I am not following this.

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