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    Do our interactions in this Forum give us the correct picture of our personality?

    We have been interacting here quite some time on various issues and expressing our views. It sometimes we support a stand of a political party and it appears to the other side that we are advocating on their behalf while at some other point of time we may change our stand or we may be supporting some other view based on the circumstances. But many a time, our interactions will give you a deeper, more accurate picture of ownself than others and thus refl ct our personalities. Though we are a stranger or a new acquaintance with whom we are talking with, comparatively durational interactions suggest the insights about their personality traits as a whole.

    Once you have warmed up, always feel free to break to find how such people react, how they answer and how they phrase their answers will speak volumes about the type of person standing in front of you. What is your say?
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    When we interact and talk with others very frequently and review our submissions and deeds we will get a good an idea of our own personality. by seeing our own posts we will understand how we are building up our own strategy and argument. At the same time when the other person is also a new person to us and we may not know him personally also but interactions for a prolonged time will give us a very fair idea about the qualities and the personality of the other person can be easily understood. This is true in many cases. By seeing the write up by a particular person we can understand to some extent about the other person.
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    If the author has referred the word "correct " to "perfect" then this never possible. But for sure the submissions from the various authors gives at least an idea about what the author in interested into & we also can be having an idea of the possible reactions from such authors.

    But just with the posting, wouldn't allow us to presume the overall personality of anyone but just giving an idea. But so far we are interested to only the submissions & not to the associated authors so can't make any predictions. This needs more study about the topics that one author is typing along with the observation.

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    Despite the fact that each of our threads or responses reveal at least a fraction of our personality, opinions or mindset, we can never claim that we have understood the person at the opposite end totally.

    I personally, take my activity on ISC as content writing. Therefore, my opinions or beliefs on the same issue are likely to change depending upon the nature of thread raised, mood on that day or author who has raised the thread e.g. my responses on the threads raised by Mohan Ji, SuN or Vandana may be different on the same issue.

    I am under no obligation to reveal my true self in lieu of certain earned points or rarely some CCs and I believe same in the case of other authors also. However, it cannot be denied that our regular interaction in the forum section of ISC do reveals at least a part of us.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    Human mind is very complex and also secretive. So, whatever we express in the public platform may not truly reflect our mind. Furthermore, some people like me can't fully express themselves for want of proper communication skill or writing ability in a foreign language.
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    Through the interactions in this forum, we can have some general idea about the member's writing style, ideology and perceptions about the society. So we can sketch him to some extent but to decipher his exact character will be a difficult proposition.

    Until unless we meet a person and have interactions and information exchange it will not be possible to know him properly.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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