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(This thread is the Special Prize winner of the TOW contest for for the week 8th - 14th April'18)
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    The Intelligent Fools Of All Times!

    I am referring to something of which we are made up of. We are presumed of the most advanced species in this planet called earth. We are so made up of that we have the capability to develop the mechanisms through which we can control the things considered to be most powerful then us. That we have the intelligence to use the resources in a most precise way so as to make the most perfect utilization of the same. Now, as we are considering this then this also is the proven fact that we have used in such a dramatic way that we are desperately looking for other existence planet outside the earth.

    This is very much in contrast to each other that at one point we have damaged this planet to such a larger extent that we are looking for the chances of life in another planets as well. Don't you agree that we are proving ourselves not intelligent in either way.

    We are in competition of building more weapons that although we carrying huge differences instead of sorting out those as are of the same species. But we just don't behave accordingly.

    Really, The Intelligent Fools Of All Times!
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    We are definitely the intelligent fools. We have invented and stored in our warehouses the weapons of mass destruction. The nuclear weapons will not only destroy the place where it is dropped but will make the place along with it's vicinity inhabitable.

    We are preparing our own grave in this beautiful earth and dreaming of moving to other planets only to spoil them also.

    Nature has given us so many good things and in exchange we are only destroying it. Is it the way to pay back our gratitude? We are not human we are demon.

    Knowledge is power.

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    My elders used to say that those who are more educated and well educated would become fool and laughing stock in front of the world, probably that is true by reading the author's submission.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    This thread reminds me of the Jurassic Park movie series. Although it's just fiction, the message was meaningful, wherever man interfered with nature, he created a mess. When man steps back, the creatures were better off. This is a reality, if you see the forests or oceans and the way God has created the food chain, everything is in harmony and balance until Man and his intelligence fuelled by greed upset the scales leading the manmade problems that I need not elaborate on.
    At times, I wish our progress was slower, the inventions, the explosion of population, the availability of technological improvements etc. We have moved at such a fast pace that we have left behind a trail of destruction that would have a significant impact on the future generations.

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    A perfect title. There is a saying in Telugu which gives a meaning that a washerman is always better than an educated man. The essence of the entire description will well fit in this saying I think. Everybody thinks they are doing a great job but they never understand what is the injustice done in making that to nature. When we see a beautiful building with very well elevation we feel that the architecture is very brilliant. But when we go back and see earlier that place was greenfield giving food and a good breeze to the human beings. The God has done a balancing act keeping all the requirements and resources in mind. But we are spoiling the entire universe with a biased view of the things for our self-comfort. A day may come, whether we see or not, this entire globe will be a no-man land. really the intelligent fools of all times.
    always confident

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    We Human Beings have made big roads and bridges and we have done big innovations which match with the other countries. We are not able to behave properly to people who need more help. We do not have any humanity towards such people. We are not kind enough to person who is not able to lead a proper life. There are many things happening in our country and people who are having some kind hearts need to understand the common problem of a man when it comes to living. We tend to forget the things which happen and affects our lives. We are not able to give proper care to the people who need some helping hands in lives.
    "Earning knowledge is by sharing it with ISC and we will rectify our mistakes."

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