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    Can we take simple food for a long time?

    Food without spices and chillies is tasteless and it is very difficult to swallow it. Most of the people can not take it. There are only a few people who due to health reasons may be taking simple boiled food with a tinge of salt.

    Due to our taste buds the world is full of regional or national or even international recipes. We enjoy them and feel satisfied.

    If due to some compulsions we have to take boiled food for a considerable time, will we be able to take it for long?
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    It is matter of habit. We become habituated of certain type of cuisine which we take since childhood. It is not that the best food is cooked by our mother. Instead by taking food cooked by mother since childhood, we become habituated of the same and therefore it starts appearing as the best food to us.

    In many families very spicy food is cooked whereas in the Jain community households much simpler food without even garlic or onion is cooked. The children raised in respective families start liking the kind of food cooked and served to them since childhood.

    In western countries comparatively bland food is served without much added spices. Still people relish the same and make progress also.

    Thus the question raised by the author is subjective in nature and largely depends on the individual concerned. However, in general it is challenging to consume bland food for longer periods for Indians, particularly females.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    yes, we can take simple food for a long time. Many people in the world have the habit to take simple food. Even I live in Rampura where I found many people take boiled food. They never take spices, oil, ghee, chillies, etc in their food they eat only boil and roasted food. They like this type food very much. These type of people mostly take salad and soup in the food. These two items fulfil all the needs of food. These type of food are nutritious and healthy.
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