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    How knowledge of body language is useful in our day to day life?

    Generally educated people know about body language. We know that apart from verbal language, body language play a very important role in effective communication. People have to interact daily with many people at their workplace, school/college, neighbourhood and even at public places. By simply watching body language of an individual potential threat, if any, can be perceived. Similarly, the feeling of love and affection can also be sensed through body language.

    My point of discussion in this thread is as to how knowledge of body language is useful in our day to day life?
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    Having a good knowledge of body language would have added advantage, as the opposite person can be made to understand what we intend to say by simple gestures through body language and others wont know about that.There are some people who have devised ways and means to communicate in code languages. For examples if you make shopping in old city of Hyderabad, they use code languages over the pricing and the customer wont know the right kind of pricing , so is the body language.
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    In the coaching classes for preparation of personal interviews, importance and significance of body language is taught to the candidates as it contributes towards getting success. Also, as far as the body language is concerned, one has to be particularly careful while interacting with persons of opposite gender.
    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    We can understand very well about the candidate by knowing his body languages. By observing a person by closely even he is a stranger we can assess his qualities. The way in which we sit in a chair, how are our looks when somebody is talking and how are our facial feelings when somebody is talking willconvey a message to the observer on the other side. This body language will make your chances alter either way.
    When your boss is talking to you if your attention is not towards him will give an impression to him that you are not concentrating on the task. If you sit very relaxed before your boss in the chair gives an impression to him that you are a little care free type. If you sit before an elderly person with one leg on another leg and moving them freely will convey an impression that you don't have much respect towards the other person. Like this our body language will send signals to others about your mentality and behaviour.

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    Languages which we learn at Schools as Subjects are man made .But body language is what makes a man. Gestures and eye contact play an important role in conveying our messages to opposite person. With the growing knowledge man is trying to get solution for all problems. Hence we now know body language makes a difference and have researched on it. So now we know our eye contact or the way we sit or stand can make people know our confidence level. But not everything can be implemented because body language is natural and hormonal. It is also important that the opposite person should not judge someone more by the body language and have several self made conclusions. I have heard people discussing body language of fellow beings,especially about girls or ladies. I think as body language tells you about the way the person must be feeling ,the observer should also respect human sentiments and understand the body language may go wrong sometimes ,it is about chemical balance inside the body. Now - a -days people want to guess the mindset of the person by their body language not giving importance to the words . Learning body language have given man certain knowledge of what their actions might conclude .Hence man have learnt to control them and act fake. Body language is important mostly in business Communication but having a proper sense of understanding is also important .

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    Human behavior is the most complicated thing in a human body. I think that this will remain the most complicated after the human body, the mechanism on which it is based on.

    The human behavior concerns to the study or the observation of human emotions as well as the movements or of the facial expressions. It is unique that you wouldn't find the similar body language of any of the two individuals ever lived on this planet. So this remains the significant aspect of our learning.

    The biggest advantage is that if you don't want then you can't be cheated twice. The world is so changed that if we have the habit of forgetting things then we may even be killed from our once loved once. Simply, one can easily judge the intentions of the other individuals & can turn the situation in their favor.

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    Nowadays, people are increasingly interacting in social media platforms. Interestingly enough there is no scope of reading or analysing body language in cyber world in texting mode.
    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    Knowing and judging from others body language can save many situations.
    A speaker , orator or performer can know the reactions of the audience and adjust his performance to avoid their boredom or rejection and enhance acceptability.

    Similarly an employee can see his boss's moods and avoid creating unfavourable situations by quitting from the place or not answering in an antagonising way. Similarly we can decide whether to present our case and requests to the relevant persons at that time, by judging their body language and sensing the mood.

    But we learn and relate and body language significance by our various experience only. It may be difficult to understand body language and their significance to the context initially. But by and by with more exposure we somehow learn it.

    We had seen a senior executive who will exhibit a sweet smile when he is getting irritated. His secretary will easily understand the change by watching his face and signal to others to stop further arguing etc. and save the situation for the other person.

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