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    Do you like a post on Facebook only when you actually like it or just as a formality like all posts?

    Most of us may be users of Facebook. Generally, on opening daily we find many posts and photographs posted by our 'friends' connected with us. Needless to mention here that the Facebook has redefined the word 'friend' and widened its scope to unimaginable limits.

    I have observed that many people just go through the routine of clicking 'like' button on almost all posts irrespective of the fact as to whether they actually like it or not.

    Do you like a post on Facebook when you actually like it or just as a formality like all posts?
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    It depends upon the mentality of the people who like all the posts. Clicking and liking all the posts in Facebook will expose us to click bombing which is a spamming technique. The information will be gathered from our likes and will give it other people who advertises using Facebook. You must take proper care when going through different posts in Facebook. Sometimes your account can get hacked and all your personal information will be at risk.
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    Those who are our near and dear ones and close friends are there in the facebook, and there is nothing wrong to like all the posts which come on the way while browsing down.But instead of like , I would like to comment, which will enhance the importance of posts and other members of the facebook shall also join the issue. But giving the right comments would also bring joy and good mood in the post creator and thus it shall induce to share more posts. I am more impressed with quotes and informative posts.
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    I like the way the author has mentioned about 'friends redefined', liking a post many times becomes mechanical and I feel this makes it more artificial than a true reflection. When we like something genuinely, then we can like it and also say why we liked it.

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    I like a post on facebook when it is really nice or if it touches my heart. I generally, like the birthday wishes of friends and relatives. I comment rarely on Facebook and only if it is really very good and force me to comment.
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    Many times we will like the posts from our friends as a formality. But sometimes we will make good comments if we really like the post and even share the post. The rare photos and good videos posted on the facebook will attract many people and so it will have a lot of life by comments and sharing in addition to likes. As far as I am concerned these days I am not spending much time on facebook as my majority of free time is being spent on ISC only. But I am continuing my WhatsApp. It has become a fashion to get likes and comments and that is why many people say in their posts if you are on with this post please click on the like or put a comment on the comment box. The post which is getting more likes and comments is treated as a very good post.
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    It depends upon person I like the post when I feel that it is a good post. I don't like every post I see on facebook or anywhere in social media. My friends request many time for like my post on facebook but still I did not like those posts which is not good. I don't believe in formality and all. Posts must be good and actually I don't visit facebook a lot because I use messanger only I don't read and watch any notification and any posts. I'm mainly active in whats app and instagram only. I don't think there is any need to talk on social media. This is not a topic to discuss. There is nothing to learn from these type of posts. Only those peoples are visited and just scroll down again and again to see the post everyday and every hour who don't have any work to do.

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