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    Why the Telugu film Industry is not selecting heroine from the state itself ? Dissent voice aired.

    One of the up coming heroine of Telugu film has really questioned the producers and directors as to why they are not giving try to the local talent and what is compulsion for them to import the heroines from other states and other languages and spending huge money on them. Yes it is the matter to be debated as since 15 years no new heroines from Telangana or AP has been signed and the new films which are being released were played by non Telugu speaking heroines and thus dissent voice has been raising.
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    There are no local reservations here. When a person is spending crores of money from his pocket he will have the right to choose anyone he wants in his cinema to work. Even for a private company, these reservation rules will not work. They go by merit only. So why somebody should complain about this. If really these people who are airing their objection should go to other states and prove their worth. But they don't do that. If you see the small screen many anchors and actors are from local area only. But SUMA the Malayali girl proved to be the number one in Telugu TV anchoring. This is a fact. So I think this is all politics by some politicians who don't have any work and some channels who wanted to increase their rating by these gimmicks. As long as the producers are working ethically and going by the suitability of the actor to the portion of the movie no one can go to these local and non-local feeling.
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