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    Sun Quiz for fun and joy

    The quiz question is - What is the key difference between the old Indian currency notes and the newly introduced currency notes of 2000, 500 200, 50 and 10 denominations?

    The first and fast correct answer will be rewarded.
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    Earlier there was no currency note of Rs. 2000/- denomination. This currency has been introduced for the first time. The other currency notes are length-wise shorter than the earlier notes of the same denomination. The colour and the paper used are also different. There are some other differences which will be told later.
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    The differences that I noticed other than the colour and size is that , of the picture of Mahatma Gandhi. In the present 2000 rupee his picture is in the centre, whereas the picture in the previous 1000 rupees note was on the left side of the note. There were some more modifications made at the backside of the note too. The picture with a computer too has been modified.

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    You have crossed half the well. You need to finish it. Your good answer needs to be modified accurately.

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    in the new notes, the value of the note is in numbers only. In the old notes, the value is written in words and letters.
    In the new notes, the Swaccha Bharath symbol is there whereas in old ones it is not there
    In the new notes, the Governor signature is in English whereas in old notes the signature is there in English and Hindi
    There are changes of positions of various information between old and new notes.
    In old notes the Parliament figure is thee but it is a different figure now. For example on the new Rs.2000/- note the Mangalayan figure is there. On Rs.200/- rupees note Red Fort figure is there and on Rs.50/- note Hampi figure is there.
    These are the major changes I noticed.

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