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    What are the best practices of job hunt ?

    Job hunting is basically about job search or seeking employment. Normally, when we all are graduated, we start searching for jobs. Some of us are already placed through campus placements, while some of us need to look for job opportunities and we try different ways to find suitable core jobs in our field. Some of us switch our career from one field to the other, some of us prepare for the government sector.
    Those who start job hunting in private sector sometimes go to job consultants to search for job opportunities and even pay them some fees, so that they could inform us about the new openings for fresher batches. We need to go through a very hectic time during our job search. With a pressure in our mind, when we will get a suitable work for ourselves. So, what are the best ways we should follow for job search:

    1. The very first thing, be very clear about which field you would look for job opportunity either it is electronics or IT or civil..etc.
    2. The second most important thing, the resume you prepare should clearly reflect your desired skills as per your job requirement. for example : if you are going for job in IT sector, create a special section for skills/languages, which clearly reflect the languages you know like C, Java etc.
    Similarly, if someone is looking for a job in electronics should include the electronic skills like VLSI, integrated circuits and so on.
    In a nutshell, your resume should reflect your area of job interest.
    3. Once the resume is set up in the right format, start your job search through the right job portals like,,
    4. Keep updating your resume on an everyday basis on the job portals, to keep yourself updated with the most recent job options.
    5. Also, there is one column in our resume, which says Assets, which describe your qualities, where you include about self-motivation and say, hard worker. Also include "Quick learner" as an asset, this helps the interviewer to undertsand that you have a quick learning ability of any tool or software which the company must have mentioned in the job description.

    Keep trying until you succeed.

    What others you think are the best practices for job hunting or in the resume formation? Do add your views here.
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    I like the post of the author. I feel that those who want to work in private sector should get their resumes prepared by the professionals. Thereafter, they should go through the newspapers minutely, especially of those days which carry job advertisements (for example: The Times of India reserves every Wednesday for job advertisements.) Regular preparation for the job interview giving stress on overall personality, learning current affairs and brushing up the subject would definitely help a person to get suitable employment. For the aspirants of Government jobs, the struggle is different.
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    The best strategy to grab a job is have an outstanding resume. Most of such candidates get jobs through campus placements. However, for the run of the mill stuff struggle starts after completing the degree.

    Nowadays, there are many websites related to jobs e.g. One may register to few such reputed websites also to take a chance.

    Depending upon one's academic profile, the candidates may visit websites of the shortlisted companies to post resume in their 'career opportunities' section.

    Joining LinkedIn also proves helpful in few cases.

    Job searching is an specialised function and all students should be taught about it as a part of curriculum of their degree courses.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    These days getting a good job with a decent package requires a very high dedication and commitment towards the subject and should put 100% efforts to get a job. The first step is how well you will get introduced to the employer. This will happen through your resume. Your resume should be as crisp as possible. Your strong points should be well presented in the resume. The job requirements should be known to you and your resume should create an impression to the employer that you possess all requirements. Nothing less or nothing more. Once your resume is short listed 50% of the task is over.
    The remaining part will depend on your skills to prove that what you have mentioned in your resume are true. That can be done by faring well in the written test, group discussion and oral test.
    This requires a lot of efforts from the candidate. The bio data should be tailor made to the job, should have a better knowledge about the job requirements and should have the skill of presenting yourself so that you will be identified among the contestants.

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    What I feel that the jobs should running after us and we should not run behind it. That means must create best resume and the content should be so attractive that the first approach to a company must fetch the job with no more doubts and further details sought. And remember talk frankly and rightly admit your weakness and expectations so that some companies can make adjustments and even offer the post immediately. And being new , never expect or demand huge salary as the new employer is risking you and given appointment and let him get satisfied that you can prove mantle.
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