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(This thread is the Special Prize winner of the TOW contest for for the week 8th - 14th April'18)
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    Little sacrifices for greater good

    Sacrifices often bring up disturbing images related to animal killings etc. But it also means relinquishing something we desire or that is ours for the sake of the common or greater good.

    For instance, a school child preparing for exams gives up TV and playtime in return for better marks. A mother or father gives up their personal time and work longer hours or do overtime to earn and give their children a better future.

    In a joint family, people give up personal space and freedom to a certain extent for the greater good of the entire family.

    So too for the country, we (public and politicians) can start giving little sacrifices, give up greed for power and money, give up personal vendetta, give up religious bias and societal apathy for the greater good. Then in return, we can have a better India, more vibrant, stronger and certainly a developed nation and a force to reckon. Can we do it?
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    Politicians and sacrifice! Do oil and water mix? I think this good proposal is for all right-thinking citizens of the country from all strata of life, excluding the self-seeking politicians.
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    The author has presented a very nice wishful thinking and definitely if citizens, executives, businessmen and politicians follow it, we will be in a utopian state soon.

    Unfortunately, many people who have got selfish motives will not sacrifice anything for anyone and on the contrary exploit situations and gullible public to gain for theirselves. The history is full of such people and they are still swarming the earth.

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    From the point of view of letting the fellow ISCians like me earn few points from ISC by posting responses, the thread raised by the author is outstanding. However, practically it is not possible. It is too much to expect the politicians to make sacrifices for the country or for the people.

    Nowadays, in Uttar Predesh a case is doing the round in which action against a BJP MLA accused of rape is being delayed. He was earlier a SP MLP but BJP took him in his fold during last elections just to ensure that at least one more assembly seat is coming to their fold which will help in forming government.

    Thus political leaders are stooping down to any extent for remaining in power by hook or crook. Most of them, instead, always think about sacrificing somebody else for their own selfish gains.

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    It is a good thought to sacrifice something for the betterment of the country. Definitely everyone should think in those lines for the wellness of the country. But how many are ready to this. If really some people want to give something to the country the administering people at top positions are trying to turn everything to their favour. This type of attitude of some people make the interested people also lose their interest.
    A very financially sound politician also wants to use his position for his favour and try to accumulate more and more money. So in this contrary expecting a sacrifice from a politician is like expecting a free ticket to Chandrayan. A common man is already sacrificing for the country by sincerely paying taxes including income tax which almost amounts to 50% of his earnings. But he will feel sorry when he knows that the tax he has paid is not getting used for noble cause like development of the poor or country.

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    The God made the rule of our life in such a way that if one compromises or gives up, other gets the chance and grab the opportunity and surge ahead. So parents are bound to compromise on every issue concerned to child development even at the cost of forgoing their immediate requirements and future plans.
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    As per the latest trends the world has changed a lot. And with this, I mean the life around us has too gone through a lots of changes. Although our attitudes has taken a more professional way but still we do have something which makes us emotional.

    There are more chances that we don't want to believe the things as it is around us as we got less believe in the humanity. This is for sure that this becomes natural within us that we are evident of an accident but not able to help or in other words we afraid of the afterwards circumstances. That many times I have witnessed these & I feel sad from within myself. But like others we too have obligations that we are not free for our actions.

    But there are others too who go ahead & do the needful at their will. May God bless them.

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    Adding, if we take to an another instance then this could also mean the small savings which could be the biggest benefits during the time we are retired. For this also we do many sacrifices I context to our hobbies or during purchases.

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    We all do hard work for earning a better living for our family. Our parents also do sacrifices for some things which will be good for the family. It is difficult for politicians to sacrifice because they are greedy in all aspect and they only need only power and money to have a good life. These kinds of people do not sacrifice and won't do anything good for the public. Like Narendra Modi, he is busy in traveling and finding ways to escape from problems rather than facing it. What he said at the time of entering into parliament is what we need and it is difficult to expect such things from our Prime Minister.
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    From the responses, it implies that there is little hope of changing things in the way the politicians function.
    I raised this thread not for me or us to get points, this was based what I was reading, 'at times solutions are so simple that we lose faith in them and continue looking for them '. To me, this is the simple solution for the state of Indian politics. Maybe in a few years from now, things would change, little be little.

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    You are asking not a small thing Mr. Natarajan! You are asking something which is a common trait of all human beings where the rule of the 'survival of the fittest' wins over everything. Rather I can say it is a 'mirage' that can never be a real one. Wish I could have wished you all the best!

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    There were many politicians who sacrificed their life and career for the country. There may be such persons even now but are far and few. I wish the present day politicians put the interests of the country first before their and their party interests.
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