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    Should we have a compulsory general awareness subject in schools?

    There are many general things which are part of our life today. Some students are not aware of them and later on feel embarrassed in real life situations.

    For example basics of train and plane reservations, applying for a SIM card, opening a bank account, facilities in Post Office for sending letters and parcels, courier services, applying for a passport and many more such general things about whom we should have preliminary information.

    Should we have a compulsory subject in our schools in which students be taught about these practical things so that they can have an easy to go practical life after leaving schools.
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    Yes, there are many things which should be taught in the schools in a systematic manner to the students depending on their age group. Some of such examples are as follows -

    1. How vehicles like a car or two wheeler and household gadgets like refrigerator, television, washing machine, microwave oven, vacuum cleaner etc. function and what should be done for trouble shooting in case so required.

    2. How to perform bank work, internet banking, online transactions/shopping, pay various types of bills, download and use various types of Apps on smartphone.

    3. How to search jobs systematically.

    4. Basic sex education, hygiene and ethics etc.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    General Awareness and general knowledge are very important for an individual to achieve his goals and be successful. But some students are very poor in this accept. They don't know anything about the social activities except bookish knowledge. But making this subject as a circulum is not advisable. The reason being the subject will be changing as the time changes. The candidate should have interest and learn on his own and should be getting updated as per the time. So when somebody attends a competitive examination he will get prepared with this subject.
    When I was studying my PG one of my father's colleague's son paid examination fee as a challah and challah copy given by the Bank was kept with him. He never knows that the challah is to be submitted to university. So his result was kept pending and lost one year because of that delay. This incident shows lack of general awareness will cause the individual costly lapses.

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    General awareness and general knowledge is very important in the life and especially for the students. I believe that general should be the mandatory subject and should be taught from the beginning but itis not possible to teach general awareness as the compulsory subject. General awareness should be learned through practice. The school must give practical knowledge for these subject. School should organize a tour to visit the post office, railway station, police station and should provide practical knowledge. I am working in Mohammediya school Rampura and I organize and visit Police station every year with the students of high school and they learn the working of Police. So, these type of camp should be organized for the practical knowledge general awareness.
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    I do not agree to the suggestion that general awareness be taught as a subject mandatory. in schools.
    With my experience as a teacher ,I would like to come out with certain teaching methods that schools follow these days. An activity per term, per subject are followed in today's curriculum and the children take lot of interest and are given marks or grades according to their research or activity performed.
    For eg. A child is learning a lesson on neighbourhood , he is given an activity to find out services available in his or her neighborhood.A child who has a post office near his house may bring a postcard or a stamp to class, another child may tell about a Bank, a medical shop etc. At least ten children are sharing ten new ideas, out of the whole class. This bringing awareness to the class. Now this is done for all subjects and all classes. Therefore the level of awareness increases as they move on to a higher class.
    As for General knowledge, it is a compusory subject thought to the children.

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    I don't agree with the author.

    This will even complicate the studies. Adding that this will incur additional burden on the already flooded curriculum. Already the computer has been added to the overall curriculum & still the author has started planning for more.

    This shouldn't be the case.

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    As the days are progressing, so is the education and there is a compulsion on the part of the school management to make known the basics of life and its important to every children. By the way small kids are very eager and want to operate the smart phones at the young age and they are so trained that they even know how to unlock and go the specific pages on internet. Even child lock on the television are removed by the kids. So children mind is also developing in tandem with the society and therefore we have the compulsion to make them learn the basics of life at the home and school too.
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