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    Make your children nature-friendly on this vacation

    I remember my childhood when we always had fun to play with soil and in the light of the sun. But today's generation does not like to play in soil and in the light of the sun. Even parents do not allow them to do so. The present generation does not know the importance of playing games in the soil and in the sun. Do you know the playing games in the soil improve your immune system? Likewise, Sun provides us vitamin D and there are no other alternatives of vitamin D. There are a lot of importance of vitamin D. So I request all the parents to allow your children to play in soil and in the Sunlight for their betterment.
    The mobile games and computer games adversely affect their health.
    Members are requested to share their opinion in this thread.
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    A very good suggestion by the author. These days parentswill never allow their children to play in the open area. They feel that their clothes will become dirty. They feel that his body will become dirty and again they have to spend a lot of time for cleaning the clothes and body of the child. They feel that the children will get tired.
    In our childhood we were making tops with clay and playing with them. When there was a rain we used to make paper boats and leave them in the water and enjoy its travel in the water. After playing Kabbadi the whole body used to get soiled and we were washing the body along time by pulling water from an open well. Now these things can't be seen anywhere.
    The children will be on their cellphones playing virtual game in a AC room. Parents will advice them not go out and play. They feel that going into sunshine will make the body of the child black.
    It is very good to follow the suggestion of the author to have a better health.

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    Yes we must allow the children to play with the nature. They must feel the soil, they must feel the flowers, they must feel the leaves and they must be allowed to droll on the grass. They get immense satisfaction while playing with nature. Many wont allow the children to play with rain. Some children are averse to such plying and they immediately get effected with cold and flu. And during winter also some parents allow the children to have bath in cold water which is too extreme. Normal water without mixing with hot water can be allowed. The more we expose the children to nature,their immune system would be good.
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    A very thought provoking thread from the author.

    It is really very unfortunate that we are not conscious about this and depriving our new generation or not encouraging them to play in open under the umbrella of nature.

    People are busy with their gadgets and not bothered for the advantage of sun rays and pleasant air breezes. This is going to have an adverse affect on our health and immune system.

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    There is one more aspect of the whole issue. Safe playing spaces are now not available for children to play. With the ever increasing population growth, the open spaces or play grounds are now shrinking. Earlier so many vehicular traffic was not there. Nowadays, it is very dangerous to let the kids go outside home to play across the road.

    Recently, during my sojourn in USA, I watched the difference between the Indian children's playground and that of USA. The entire area surrounding the slides was made with synthetic rubberized material. There was no risk of any injury, even a scratch as the slides etc. were also non-mettalic.

    In India also, in well developed housing societies etc. and in few developed areas, proper children's play areas are provided. However, nowadays many parents with only a single child are not willing to take risk of letting children go out to play as used to be the case during our childhood.

    However, I concur with the author's suggestion in principle.

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    Does the author feel that we are still left with some good soil around us?

    As per me, wherever we find a locality, all these are already heavy populated. So what we got around us are the lands covered with bricks & cements & if there is any soil then already filthy. Although in the metro cities like the Delhi, we do have some park near to every localities & there we can enjoy such things or else we don't have mush choice.

    We got to know the reasons behind all these but we are still not interested & continue on adding the numbers. As a result we are facing the problems & for sure this to go on increasing.

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    Yes, Mr. Ved Prakash Anand #633233, I know that no clean soil is left and the environment is also very dirty. But this dirty soil is very important as it makes the immune system stronger.
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    Yes, it is true that most of the children are addicted to the computer games and most of the parents do not warn their children from playing such games. Earlier we all tend to play in mud and soil where we will have some sun's shine and by that way, we get vitamins for our body. Now, most of the children need to sit at home and play the games which affect their health. one year back, we have seen the adverse effects of playing the Bluewave game where the children are forced to do some tasks which make die for it. These type of violent games affects the mind of children and it is difficult to come out from such situations. The parents need to advise them to play outside their home and interact with the family members to have fun in life.
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    Thanks all of you to share your opinion on this thread. I read an article today which provides 7 benefits fo playing games on this dirty soil. I am going to submit an article on this topic.
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    Nature friendly vacations, Eco-tourism is certainly catching the attention of people as a means to be responsible holiday makers (hopefully, their children will also learn about importance of nature) who enjoy the place and also do not upset the balance. I read an article about Mount Fuji in Japan that is a popular tourist destination, The people of Japan and the Government have put in great efforts to keep it clean and in pristine condition.

    Encouraging children to play in the park, grass or bare earth is good for their health and gives them a chance to interact with nature. We should encourage the shift of holiday or Sunday hubs from the malls and crowded cities to the parks,rural landscapes and nature camps. Not all children may like it, but those who do, would preserve nature better than their other counterparts.

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