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    Political parties aim is 272 or the betterment of the country?

    Seeing the big dramas of the main political parties, I am forced to think if whether we are on progressive way or going back in the past? Are we creating new ideas or bringing back the same old theories! What the different political parties are going to prove it.

    NO! here I am neither supporting BJP nor Congress, if you too can't post your opinion honestly or post it blindly supporting any party, please keep away from this thread. I had enough experience in ISC forum where members debate like a blind person just because he support a particular political ideology. So, don't do that at least in this thread.

    I am here as a citizen of this country and voicing out my concern after seeing the different parties aim only to win the elections. How to get 272 seats in next General election. The drama to woo Dalit, politicians acting so brilliantly that even the OSCAR award winner will doubt of his/her performances. Someone is eating to their house and someone becomes the next savoir to them. Someone is wooing minorities and someone is wooing majorities. Someone become the saint in overnight and running behind temples and someone try to prove that he/she is only the saint in this universe.

    The conclusion is we are fighting each other, trying to prove ourselves best! Closing our eyes and the past history that there is nothing new happening now. Its the same old games are been played where the normal and simple citizen will get pain and wound.

    At least I can't see any progress in the eyes of any political party, they all eyeing on 272 numbers no matter how they reach to that target.
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    Politics is a chess game and those who play wisely and correctly are here to stay. Wisely here means changing to the need of the hour and acting instantly. For example one leader who never gone to a temple so far does not know even how to behave there, is making queue to temple after temple just to satisfy the voters who may not think otherwise. Normally politicians wont eat anywhere and there food habits are very costly. Just for the sake of media pose they do enter huts, make work at the road side vendors and try to mingle with them as if he his their messiah. One politician goes on padayatra and kisses those on the forehead who comes running to seek his blessings. Politicians are no God, they are at the behest of our whims and fancies. We can make them running for cover if not kept promises. Voters have great responsibility and they have behave sensibly and rightly no succumbing to wine and money.
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    I think it is the drama to get 272 seats in next general election. It is the crucial time for every party and every party needs to make their vote bank. Everything is fair in love and war. So, the same thing is happening here. No political party needs the development of the country they want to win the election only. They are following the British policy of divide and rule. After the first freedom struggle of 1857, the British followed the policy of divide and rule. Now political parties are doing the same thing here. We cannot trust any political party. All have the same ideology.
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    The political parties are for themselves only. Their first priority is grabbing power at any cost. They stoop to any level for attaining their objective. The people and their welfare are secondary. We, the voters, are also responsible for this situation. Money is playing an important role in the elections. The people to who take money to vote are doing great injustice to the entire country. The people elected by spending money, concentrate on getting back their money and some more to stay in the political life. In any political party, people with criminal record are finding a place to contest in the elections. It is only when the people change, the political parties will change their tactics. Until then, it will be a race for the coveted number 272 irrespective of any values.
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    All the political parties and politicians aim will only one. That is how to win the elections. There are no exemptions for this. They never leave any stone unturned in ensuring their success and then their parties success. We need not name any party. All parties will sail in the same boat. Once a candidate has got elected as an MP, his next step will be to get a berth in the ministry. 272 is the magic figure. To attain this they make friends with other parties and promise heaven on earth, they promise to divert ocean to a dessert. If they feel they can get votes by visiting a temple they will visit the same or Masjid is the best for that area they will go to the same without any hesitation. the players are same, the game is same but there may be a difference in the dress code to appear as if a new changed individual. If somebody says you go and visit that place the politician will do that expecting a win for him. Ultimately the people are the suffers. It is no matter who will win and who will form the government.
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    All the political Parties fight each other for Power and Money. All they need is these two things. We can see that political parties fight each other by creating problems in other people's life. What BJP is doing is to conquer the election seat in Karnataka. What they need is a seat and by doing it they can conquer that state. This is the agenda for most of the political parties. What they speak is not what they do in politics. Most of the political parties give fake promises and fools the common people. We have seen this happening in our day to day life. These political parties need minorities votes for winning in the elections. Now the promises will be made on the fake promises given to the minorities.
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    Most of us wish to become the king. Earlier, in the feudal system, generally the scion of the royal family used to become the next king after demise of the ruling king. However, in the democratic system anybody can become the modern king of India who has capability to muster a majority in the parliament. The other associates of the king can become important ministers in the kingdom.

    Thus there is a rat race of numbers to muster support of the present magic number i.e. 272 either singly or in form of a coalition and in this race there is no place for anything else including development of the nation.

    The word development is uttered only for the purpose of gathering votes by coning people.

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    The sad part is, we the people involved in the game which is directed by these politicians. This is nothing new, its happening since ages in Indian politics but what is more surprising that we don't learn the lesson from the past and still becoming fool again and again. Whether it is upper cast or lower, whether it is minority or majority we all are following this game blindly.

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